In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Ever Merciful.

Muslims who believe in the Messiah,
Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani(as)
Muslims who believe in the Messiah, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as), Love for All, Hatred for None.

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i. Turned a rod into a snake which swallowed all the Snakes of Egyptians. EXODUS 7.10/12

ii. Turned water throughout the land of Egypt into blood. EXODUS 7.17/20

iii. Swarmed the land of Egypt with frogs. EXODUS 8.6

iv. Turned dust of the land into lice. EXODUS 8.17

v. Corrupted the land of Egypt with swarm of flies. EXODUS 8.24

vi. Killed all the cattle belonging to Egyptians. EXODUS 9:6

vii. Sprinkled ashes into the air and caused a plague of boils and blains. EXODUS 9.10

viii. Caused a hurricane of thunder, rain, hailstorm and fire upon the land of Egypt. EXODUS 9.23

ix. Caused the locust to cover the entire land of Egypt. EXODUS 10.13

x. Caused a supernatural darkness over Egypt for a period of three days. EXODUS 10.22

xi. Caused the death of the first born of every Egyptian man and beast. EXODUS 12.29

xii. Split the sea by striking it with a rod hence making dry land for the Israelites to cross the sea. EXODUS 14.21

xiii. Stretched his hand aver the sea and brought the sea together again, hence drowning the Egyptians. EXODUS 14:27/28

xiv. Brought forth water from a rock after his people complained of lack of water. EXODUS 17.6


i. Multiplied food and oil. I KINGS 17.11/16

ii. Raised a widows son front death. I KINGS 17.17/24

iii. Brought forth rain from heaven. I KINGS 18.1/ 45

iv. Brought down fire from heaven. 2 KINGS 36 / 38

v. Divided River Jordon. 2 KINGS 2.8

vi. Caused a drought for three and a half years. I KINGS 17.1/7

vii. Brought down fire upon Ahaziah’s soldiers. 2. KINGS 1.10/12


i. Divided River Jordon. 2 KINGS 2.14

ii. Purified contaminated water. 2 KINGS 2.21/22

iii. Destroyed children who mocked him. 2 KINGS 2.23/24

iv. Brought forth water. 2 KINGS 3:20

v. Multiplied widows oil. 2 KINGS 4.2/6

vi. Blessed a woman of Shunen with a child while her husband was old and she could not conceive. 2 KINGS 4.14/17

vii. Raised a child from death. 2 KINGS 4.20/35

viii. Cured Leprosy. 2 KINGS 5:1/14

ix. Caused Leprosy. 2 KINGS 5.27

x. Made an iron swim over water. 2 KINGS 6:6

xi. Brought down a host of horses and chariots of fire on a mountain when confronted by an enemy. 2 KINGS 6.17

xii. Smote the whole Syrian army with blindness. 2 KINGS 6.17/18

xiii. Healed a blinded army and restored the eye sight of its men. 2 KINGS 6:20

xiv. Ended famine in Samaria and made available, plenty of food in the country. 2 KINGS 7.1/18

xv. A dead man thrown into Elisha’s grave by the Moabites, was restored to life as soon as his body touched the bones of the dead prophet. 2 KINGS 13:20/21


Split the water of River Jordon. JOSHUA 3. 14/17


i. Cured a cripple. ACTS 3:6/7

ii. Restored life to a dead woman. ACTS 9.37/41

iii. Healed a multitude of sick people vexed with unclean spirits. ACTS 5.15/16

iv. Cured Aeneas of eight year old palsy. ACTS 9:33/34


i. Healed a cripple. ACTS 14.8/10

ii. Raised a dead man called Eutychus. ACTS 20.9/11

iii. Blinded a sorcerer. ACTS 13:11


i. Did great miracles in Samaria. ACTS 8.6/7

ii. Cleaned unclean spirits. ACTS: 8:6/7

iii. Cured palsy. ACTS 8.6/7


Did great miracles among the people. Acts 6.8


Restored eyesight of Paul. ACTS 9.17/ 18