In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Ever Merciful.

Muslims who believe in the Messiah,
Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani(as)
Muslims who believe in the Messiah, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as), Love for All, Hatred for None.

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Appendix – Books for Further Reading


  1. 1. The Essence of Islam, Extracts from the writings of the Promised Messiah(as), Volumes I and II (1979); pp 328 and 355
  2. Philosophy of The Teachings of Islam, by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1897). [English translation of the Promised Messiah’s book, Islami Usool ki Philosophy]
  3. The Religion of Islam, by Muhammad Ali (1973); pp 677. (A very comprehensive account of the beliefs, acts of worship and social and moral codes of Islam. Arrangement of the book is very good]
  4. Islam in Focus, by Hammudah Abdalatai; pp 211 [A very well arranged, well written book on various Islamic beliefs, concepts and acts or worship. A very concise, to the point treatment of the subject]
  5. The Spirit of Islam, by Ameer Ali (1982); pp 515 [A fairly comprehensive treatment of Islam]
  6. The Eternal Message of Muhammad, by Abd al Rahman Azzam (1979); pp 297 [As the name implies, this book emphasizes the essence of the Prophet’s teachings and its impact upon the people]
  7. Islam, A Way of Life, by P.K. Hitti (1970); pp 198 [A well written book by the famous orientalist. Also includes brief treatment of Arab science and Islamic culture, philosophy and literature]
  8. Islam, Edited by J.A. Williams (1962); pp 256 [A well written book. Also treats the Quran, Hadith and the Law]
  9. Islam, Its Meaning For Modem Man, by Muhammad Zafarullah Khan (1980): pp 216 [Besides basic Islamic worships and social codes, the book covers such topics as public affairs, international relations, man and the universe, and the role of Islam]
  10. Islam, by C. E. Farah
  11. Understanding Islam, by T.W. Lippman
  12. Themes Of Islamic Civilization, by J.A. Williams
  13. Ideals And Realities of Islam, by S. H. Nasr
  14. Islam, by R. el Droubie
  15. Islam, by A. Guillaume
  16. Islam, by Fazlur Rahman
  17. The House of Islam, by K. Cragg
  18. Understanding Islam, by F. Schuon
  19. Introduction To Islam, by M. Hamidullah
  20. Islam, Its Meaning And Message, by K. Ahmad
  21. Islamic Worship, by M. Z. Khan
  22. Islam At A Glance, by S. Islahi
  23. Concept Of Islam, by S. Islahi
  24. Hajj. by The Muslim Institute
  25. The Venture of Islam, by M. Hodgson
  26. The Most Beautiful Names, by S. al Halveti
  27. Ninety Nine Names of Allah, by S. Friedlander

Islam and Related Subjects

  1. The Economic Structure of Islamic Society, by Hazrat Mirza Basheer-ud-Deen Mahmood Ahmad
  2. Presenting Islam To The Christians, by Naseem Saifi
  3. Islam and Human Rights, by M. Zafarullah Khan
  4. Jesus, Prophet of Islam, by M. Ata-ur Raheem
  5. Jesus in the Quran, by G. Parrinder
  6. Islamic Philosophy, by M.S. Sheikh
  7. Moral and Spiritual Training, by M. Bashir Ahmad


  1. Introduction to the study of the Holy Quran, by Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood Ahmad (1969); pp 262 [About 45 pages devoted to the Holy Quran; the rest of the book covers the life of the Holy Prophet and some comparative aspects of other faiths vis-à-vis Islam. Subject matter is extremely well arranged]
  2. Commentary on Surah Fatihah, by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad [Compiled from the writings and pronouncements of the Promised Messiah and translated into English by Muhammad Zafarullah Khan]
  3. The Holy Quran, various English translations
  4. Bell’s introduction to the Quran, by W. Montgomery Watt (1970); pp 258 [A good book covering such topics as the history of the Quranic text, the Quranic style, the shaping of the Quran, its chronology and the doctrines of the Quran]
  5. The Wisdom of the Quran, by M. M. Katircioglu
  6. The Jewels of the Quran, by al Ghazali
  7. The Quran, Basic Teachings, by T.B. Irving


  1. Sahih Bukhari (English translation)
  2. Sahih Muslim (English translation)
  3. Gardens of the Righteous, by M. Zafarullah Khan
  4. A Manual of Hadith, by Muhammad Ali
  5. Wisdom of the Holy Prophet, by M. Zafarullah Khan
  6. A Selection of the Sayings of the Holy Prophet, by B. A. Bashir
  7. Thus Spoke the Holy Prophet, by Bannet & Browne


  1. Muhammad, Seal of the Prophets, by Muhammad Zafarullah Khan (1980); pp 289 [An excellent biography of the Holy Prophet. Material is well arranged and the writing is very lucid]
  2. A Study of Islamic History, by K. Ali (1978); pp 368 [Covers the period from the birth of the Holy Prophet to the end of the Abbasid Caliphate in 1258 AD. An excellent reference for dates. Brief, to the point accounts]
  3. Spirit of Islam, by Ameer Ali (1982); pp 515 [Includes only 122 pages on the life of the Holy Prophet. The rest of the book is devoted to selected aspects of the religion of Islam]
  4. Muhammad, His life Based on the Earliest Sources, by Martin Lings (1983); pp 359 [Well written and extremely well arranged book. A very unbiased account by an orientalist. Highly recommended]
  5. The Life of Muhammad, by Muhammad Husayn Haykal (1976); pp 639 [An extremely detailed, well written and comprehensive biography of the Holy Prophet. The material is very well arranged and thoroughly researched]
  6. History of the Arabs, by P. K. Hitti (1946); pp 767 [An excellent account of the history of the Arabs from the time of the Holy Prophet’s birth to early sixteenth century. The life of the Holy Prophet is described briefly and the bulk of the book is devoted to the later period]
  7. The Arabs In History, by B. Lewis
  8. The Glorious Caliphate, by Athar Husain
  9. The Early Islamic Conquests, by F.M. Donner
  10. A Short History of the Saracens, by Amir Ali
  11. Hundred Great Muslims, by Jamil Ahmad
  12. A Political History of Muslim Spain, by S.M. Imamuddin
  13. Glimpses of Islamic History, by Irfan Faqih
  14. Stories of Great Muslims, by A. Haye
  15. Muhammad, Prophet and Statesman, by W. M. Watt
  16. Muhammad, by M. Cook
  17. Muhammad, by M. Robinson
  18. Muhammad The Holy Prophet, by H.G. Sarwar
  19. Muhammad in Quran, by A. M. Raza
  20. Muhammad the Prophet, by Muhammad Ali
  21. Muhammad in the Bible, by Jamal Badawi
  22. Muhammad Rasulullah, by M. Hamidullah
  23. The Eternal Message of Muhammad, by A. R. Azzam
  24. Muhammad the Liberator of Women, by Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood Ahmad
  25. The Life Muhammad, by Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood Ahmad
  26. Seerat un Nabi, by Shibli Nu’mani (Available in Urdu and English)
  27. Wives of the Prophet, by Fida Husain
  28. The Battles of the Prophet of Allah, by Gulzar Ahmed


  1. Ahmadiyyat, or the True Islam, by Hazrat Mirza Basheer-ud-Deen Mahmood Ahmad
  2. Invitation to Ahmadiyyat, by Hazrat Mirza Basheer-ud-Deen Mahmood Ahmad
  3. Tadhkira, by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad [A compilation of the dreams, visions and revelations of the Promised Messiah alaihisslam. English translation by Chauhdry Muhammad Zafarullah Khan]
  4. Ahmadiyyat, The Renaissance of Islam, by Muhammad Zafarullah Khan (1978); pp 360 [A historical account of Ahmadiyyat from the birth of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad to the year 1974. A very well written book but the material is poorly arranged, without headings or titles]
  5. Life of Ahmad (Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement) Part 1, by A. R. Dard (1948); pp 622 [Fairly detailed biographical account of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad from the time of his birth to the year 1901. The remainder of his biography was intended to be published under Part 11, which could not be completed by the author in his lifetime]
  6. Ahmadiyyat, by Spencer Lawan
  7. Hazrat Maulvi Noor-ud-Deen, by Muhammad Zafarullah Khan


  1. What the Great Religions Believe, by Joseph Gaer (1963); pp 191 [A good compact book]
  2. Eerdmon’s handbook to the World’s Religions, by various contributors (1982); pp 448 [Material not arranged systematically; too many photographs; otherwise fairly informative]
  3. A Handbook of Living Religions, Edited by J. R. Hinnells (1984); pp 528 [Recommended only for a scholar or a serious student]
  4. Sacred texts of the World, Edited by N. Smart and R.D. Hecht (1982); pp 408 [An anthology of selected portions of the sacred texts of the various religions]
  5. Jesus In India, by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad
  6. Where did Jesus Die, by J. D. Shams
  7. Jesus in Heaven on Earth, by Khawja Nazir Ahmad
  8. Jesus Lived in India, by Holger Kersten (1986); pp 242
  9. For Christ’s Sake, by Tom Harper (1986); pp 118 [A frank admission by a Christian journalist that Jesus Christ was not the Son of God, that he was only a Prophet and that his mission was not to found a new religion]
  10. Religions Around the World, by L. Wolcott
  11. A Comparison of World Religions, by H. J. Heydt
  12. Introduction to the Study of Religion, by T. W. Hall
  13. Comparative Religion, by A. C. Bouquet
  14. World Religions, by G. Parrinder
  15. Judaism, by A. Hertzberg
  16. Judaism, by M. Domnitz
  17. Judaism, by 1. Epstein
  18. The Prophets of Israel, by L. J. Wood
  19. The History of the Jewish people, by M. A. Shulvass
  20. Abraham, His Life and Times, by M. H. Zubeiri
  21. Hinduism, by L. Renou
  22. Hinduism, by Y. Crompton
  23. Hinduism, by K. M. Sen
  24. The Bhagvad Geeta
  25. Budhism, by R. A. Gard
  26. The Buddha, by M. Carrithers
  27. Introduction to Sikhism, by G.S. Mansukhani
  28. Zoroastrianism and the Parsis, by J. H. Hinnells
  29. Zarathustra, by P. D. Mehta