In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Ever Merciful.

Muslims who believe in the Messiah,
Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani(as)
Muslims who believe in the Messiah, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as), Love for All, Hatred for None.

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a.t.b.a. or aba
ayyadah Allah tala be-Nasray hil-Aziz, may Allah be his Helper
A prayer recited with Khalifat al-Masih’s official title.
(as) Alayhe Salam – Peace be on him, used for Prophets of God
Amir or Ameer Leader (President) of the Jamaat in a country or a province, or Muslim community.
Ameer al-Momineen Leader of the faithful, title used for a Caliph
Allama A learned person
Baiat Taking the oath of allegiance and reciting the pledge
Bait al-Mal State Treasury
Bahishti Maqbara the Celestial Graveyard
Caliph Head of the Muslim community, literally successor (Ar. Khalifa)
Chilla Spending 40 days in seclusion, prayer for communion with God
Dars al-Quran Exegesis (explaining the text) of the Quran
Daee Ila-Allah Caller to the path of Allah – i.e. Islam
Dajjal The anti-Christ
Dervish A down-to-earth person, a person looking after the holy places
Eclipse A total or partial blocking of one heavenly body by another
Fatwa A religious edict
Hadith Sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAS)
Hafiz A person who has memorized the entire text of the Holy Quran
Haji A person who has performed the pilgrimage of Kaaba in Mecca
Hakeem A philosopher or a practitioner in natural medicine
Hazrat A courtesy title used for a revered & righteous person. Holiness
Huzoor A courtesy title used when addressing the Caliph, implying deep respect.
Ibn Son of as Isa ibn Maryam – Isa son of Maryam
Imam Spiritual leader or guide, a person leading the Salat, leader of a parish or congregation
Imam Mahdi Muslim reformer prophesied by the Holy Prophet (SAS)
Insha Allah God willing, used to call down God’s blessing in a matter
Istikhara Seeking guidance from God in a matter, by making niyya – (intention) & reciting a specific prayer after Salat al-Isha.
Istighfar prayer for suppression of the tendency towards sin, or reciting the prescribed prayer after the commission of a sinful act, and being remorseful.
Jalsa Salana Annual Conference, or Convention
Jamaat Community, organization
Jamia University, a theological seminary or training college for missionaries
Kaaba The cube shaped, sacred shrine of Islam at Mecca
Khusoof & Kasoof Eclipse of the Moon and eclipse of the Sun
Khalifat al-Masih The Successor of the Messiah
Khatam al-Nabiyeen Seal of the Prophets – a title of Apostle of Allah, SAS
Langar Khana Public kitchen where guests/members are offered food
MTA Muslim Television Ahmadiyya
Madrassa An Islamic public school, or a seminary
Maharajah The Chief Prince or Ruler of a state
Mahdi the Guided One
Majlise Intikhab Electoral College – body of people whom elect a Caliph, about one hundred fifty in total.
Majlis Association, organization
Mamoor min Allah The commissioned one from God Almighty
Masha Allah Whatever Allah wishes, spoken as a token of appreciation
Masihe Mauood the Promised Messiah
Maulana A learned person, courtesy title for a Muslim priest
Maulvi A religious leader, or Mullah -a Muslim priest
Moosie A person who has bequeathed 1/10 or 1/3 of his property to the Community, and abides by all the conditions laid down in the booklet ‘The Will’
Muallim Teacher or religious instructor
Mubahila Prayer duel to ascertain the truthfulness of one party over the other. Both parties pray to God that whoever is wrong should be ruined in the lifetime of the other.
Mufti A Jurist. An official who pronounces verdict on an issue from an Islamic point of view. An expounder of Shariah (Islamic law)
Mujaddid A reformer or re-newer of faith
Munshi Language teacher, law clerk, learned person.
Murabbi Patron, a person supporting a cause or a person
Musleh Mauood the Promised Reformer – a title of the Second Caliph
Nikah to perform matrimonial rites, i.e. religious procedure for marriage, public declaration of getting married
Phonograph the first human voice-recording machine built by Edison in 1877.
Pundit A Hindu religious leader, an authority
Qazi or Qadhi A judge in an Islamic court, a title of respect
Rabwah A town in Pakistan where central administrative offices of the Community are located. The Punjab Government unfairly changed the name to Chenab Nagar in 1998.
Rasool al-Allah Messenger of Allah
Razi Allah anho (RA) May Allah be pleased with him. Used for a male companion of the Prophet or a revered person who has passed away
Razi Alah anha (RA) used for a female companion of the Prophet or revered lady who has passed away
Rukhstana A reception given at the time of setting out of a girl as bride
Rupee Unit of currency used in Pakistan & India, CDN$1 = Rs. 38
SAS Salla Allaho alaihay wa sallam -Peace & blessings of Allah be on him, used for Holy Prophet of Islam, Sayyedna Muhammad, SAS
Sadaqa charity
Sahib Mr. or Esquire, implying respect
Sahabi Companion of a Prophet, a person who has taken the oath of allegiance at the hand of a Prophet
Salat Islamic prayer service performed alone or in congregation
Sadr Anjuman The Central Ahmadiyya Directorate that regulates the administrative affairs of the Community
Shaheed martyr, a person who has laid his life in the cause of God
Shariah Religious law
Sultan al-Qalam Master of the Pen, a title conferred on the Promised Messiah by Allah the Most High.
Tasbeeh glorifying Allah by repeatedly reciting Suban Allah – Holy is Allah
Tamheed thanking Allah by reciting Alhamdo li-Allah – Praise the Lord.
Tehrike Jadid An organization that looks after the Ahmadiyya missions established in various countries of the globe. Started in 1934
Tauheed Islamic belief in the unity of Allah the Exalted
Umra The lesser pilgrimage to the house of God in Mecca
Ummah Religious community, followers of Prophet Muhammad (SAS)
Waqfe Jadid An organization that looks after the spiritual upbringing of the members living in the rural communities
Waqfey Nau A child dedicated to the cause of God before his birth
Waqfey Zindagi A person who has devoted his life to the cause of God Almighty
Zakat Charity enjoined upon Muslims, one of the five pillars of Islam
Zikre Ilahi Remembrance of Allah