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Muslims who believe in the Messiah,
Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani(as)
Muslims who believe in the Messiah, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as), Love for All, Hatred for None.

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Lawsuit by Dr. Clark

Christian missionaries had their hearts aching at the phenomenal success of his divine mission. No one could rebut his strong and winning arguments. So they decided to resort to sleazy tactics.

In 1897 they plotted to file a lawsuit of attempted murder against him. Dr. Henry Martyn Clark, a notable medical missionary stationed in Amritsar filed a complaint in the court of District Magistrate Captain William Douglas in Ludhiana.

The charge laid against Huzoor was that he conspired to have Dr. Clark assassinated by a man named Abdul Hameed, God forbid. God Almighty assisted Huzoor(as) miraculously in this lawsuit so that he was not detained by the police. Rather he was honorably acquitted once the official investigation was over. Muslims as well as Hindus helped the Christians in this insidious plot to have Huzoor(as) convicted but God Almighty failed their plans miserably.

The District Magistrate offered to grant leave to Huzoor(as) to sue the plaintiff for malicious prosecution. Huzoor(as) declined to do so saying Dr. Clark would have to answer one day to a higher court. Abdul Hameed was sentenced to nine months imprisonment with forty-four days in solitary confinement.

Years later during the time of his retirement in London Captain Douglas observed: “I was certain that a man with such a good face could not have committed the deeds that he was accused of. He was a smiling, open countenance.”

Always tell the truth

During the hearing of the lawsuit that was filed by Christian missionary Dr. Martyn Clark, Huzoor(as) set a shining example of telling the truth no matter what. Ahmadi children should always keep this incident in mind.

Huzoor had retained a non-Ahmadi lawyer Maulvi Fazal Din to defend him in the lawsuit. On one occasion he suggested to Huzoor(as) to submit an affidavit to the court that was not based on facts. When Huzoor(as) was asked to go over the statement, he said “the statement is not factual, I am not willing to give any statement that contains a shred of lie”.

The lawyer said to Huzoor(as): “if you are not willing to give such a statement, then you are asking for trouble. You have been charged with murder, in order to get rid of this charge, you must give such a statement”. Huzoor(as) replied back:

“I will not give a statement which is contrary to the facts. In order to save my neck, why should I earn God’s displeasure? I do not put my trust in such false statements, I trust God Almighty. I am quite certain that He will protect me.” (Al-Hakam 14th November 1934)

The lawyer afterwards stated that he was flabbergasted at Huzoor’s courage. Amazingly he did not want to tell a lie even though he was facing a murder charge. The plaintiff was a Christian, the judge was a Christian and all the Christians, Hindus and Muslims had joined hands in this case. They tried their darnest to have him sentenced by the court, but he did not knuckle under. He refused to sign the false statement. The fact of the matter is that God Almighty gave him honorable discharge because of his truthfulness.