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Migration from Qadian

Pakistan was created in 1947 amid dangerous riots, death and mayhem all over the Indian sub-continent. Qadian was located in district Gurdaspur that was made to become part of India. Huzoor(ra) worked assiduously to plan the safe emigration of members from Qadian to Pakistan.

Millions of Muslim men, women, and children were robbed and massacred during the mass exodus. However a good majority of the Ahmadiyya Community reached Pakistan in a safe and organized manner under the farsighted leadership of their beloved Imam.

Huzoor also succeeded in keeping a sufficient number of Ahmadis (313 dervishes) in Qadian to watch over the holy sites. The first Ameer in Qadian was the late Hazrat Maulvi Abdur Rahman. In Qadian the weekly newspaper Badr is published, Jalsa Salana is held once a year, and the head offices of Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya India are also located there.