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Claim of Jesus Son of Mary

by Iqbal Ahmad Najm

With reference to The Holy Quran and The Holy Bible

The controversy about the life and death of Jesus the Prophet carries extraordinary importance for all religions. On the one hand, Jews declare him to be accursed and rejected; on the other, Christians have exceeded all bounds of exaggerations by declaring him to be ‘son of God’ and elevating him to divinity. In reality, Jesus is a respected Prophet of God whose reason of advent was to establish the unity of God and to eliminate polytheism. Gradually, his followers drifted away in their belief from the unity of God and ultimately adopted the baseless invention of Trinitarian philosophy. Present Christianity is far removed from the real character, beliefs and teachings of Jesus. In this age, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has been working hard all over the world to bring the Christians back to their original beliefs. They have been doing their best to show the true character of Jesus and his efforts to establish the uncompromising belief in the unity of God, so that the true followers of Jesus who claim to possess love and devotion for him can see his true nature and character,

This book has been written on the Claim of Jesus (according to the Holy Quran and the New Testament) and on his life and character. Mr Iqbal Najm has done justice to the subject and has fully discharged his duty in presenting the biography of Jesus with comparative study from the Holy Quran and the Bible. This effort will certainly prove a great asset to the literature of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

Among the many great literary and investigative secrets that have been revealed by the Promised Messiah, one of them is certainly the escape of Jesus from death on the Cross, and afterwards, his migration towards India in search of the ‘lost sheep of Israel’; his death at the age of 120 years and finding of his grave in Mohallah Khaniyar in Sirinagar, Kashmir. This historical exposure has received constant attention and been a source of constant discussions among eminent scholars of the world. Many research articles have already been written on this subject and the time is not far when the world will be forced to accept this momentous disclosure by the Promised Messiah.

In all events, this book portraying the life and claim of the prophet Jesus serves an important need of the time. We are confident that this book will prove popular in literary circles. May Allah the Almighty reward Mr. Iqbal Najm for his efforts and bless him and further strengthen his literary faculties. May this book prove useful to all. Amen

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