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Praying Regularly Five Times a Day

Verily, Prayer is enjoined on the believers to be performed at fixed hours. (4:104)


A Muslim should start praying when he is seven years old. At the age of ten, prayer becomes obligatory. Anyone who is a Muslim must perform prayers and should perform it with heart-felt devotion and zeal. It is also important that as far as possible, the prayer be performed in congregation. Finally, all five prayers must be performed regularly at their appointed times. Do not get into the habit of making the morning prayer and skipping Zuhr or making Asr and skipping Maghrib. Nor go to sleep without offering Isha. Those who make prayers like this are counted as non-performers of prayers in the sight of Allah. Their prayers do not give them any benefit. This verse also means that all prayers must be performed at the proper times appointed for them. For instance, do not make Fajr prayer at ten o’clock during the day nor offer Asr when the sun is setting.