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Book: Truth Prevails
Truth Prevails
Qazi Mohammad Nazir
Chapter I
Chapter II
Tafsirs of Khataman Nabiyeen by Mr. Faruqi and the Promised Messiah
    Brief Solution of Ahadith which Seem to Indicate a Break in Nabuwwat  
    Solution of Reports in Hadith Taken as a Bar against the Advent of a Prophet after the Holy Prophet Mohammad  
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter VI
Chapter VII
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Read the letter by Maha Dabbous written after her experience in the Lahori Sect.

Chapter II

After this comment on some important things said in the Foreword of Mr. Faruqi's TRUTH TRIUMPHS, let us have a critical look at what he has said in the text of his work here under discussion.

On page 2 of his book, Mr. Faruqi quotes a passage from Satbachan :

"Those who create a link, a communion with God directly, without following a Nabi, they are called Prophets. Those who create such a link with God by following the teaching given by a Prophet are called `wali '." (Satbachan, page 66-67)

With regard to the general body of the Prophets, this is correct. But in the case of the Holy Prophet Mohammad, the Promised Messiah has said that the greatness and grandeur of the Holy Prophet also demands that his follower not only becomes a wali, thereby, he can also become a Prophet, if at that juncture the prevailing conditions demand the advent of a reformer of that rank and position. Says the Promised Messiah:

"In the course of the wahyi (revelations) coming down on me, Allah has repeatedly called me an Ummati, as well as a Prophet. Hearing myself called by these two names gives me a great joy and comfort, and I render thanks for having been called by this compound name in which there appears to be this implication that it should strike the Christians like a lash to make them realise that whereas they raised Jesus Christ, son of Mary, to Godhead, our Master, the Holy Prophet Mohammad, was a Prophet of such extraordinary eminence, that even a member of his Ummat could become a Nabi, a Prophet, and come to be called Isa, even though he is an Ummati, a follower of the Holy Prophet Mohammad." (Zamima Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya, part V, page 184)

"A member of his Ummat can become a Prophet, even though he is an Ummati ": these words indicate that the Promised Messiah is a Prophet, as well as an Ummati not only a wali . Thus, while by following the other Prophets, one could become a wali, by following the Holy Prophet Mohammad, in the opinion of the Promised Messiah, one could not only rise to be wali; one could even rise to be a Prophet, although he was no more than an Ummati of the Holy Prophet.

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