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Book: Truth Prevails
Truth Prevails
Qazi Mohammad Nazir
Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Gradual and Phased Revealment on the Promised Messiah in regard to His Nabuwwat
    Amendment in the Definition of Nabuwwat  
    Denial by the Promised Messiah of the view that he was only a Mohaddath  
    Zilli Nabuwwat also is Nabuwwat  
    Further proof of an Amendment in the Definition of Nabuwwat  
    Clear Admission on the part of the Promised Messiah of Modification in his Concept of Nabuwwat  
    Refutation of the Excuse put forth by the Lahore Section  
    A Gradual Revealment in regard to Nabuwwat is not open to any Objection  
    Varieties of the Wahyi of Nabuwwat  
    Question of Kufr and Iman  
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter VI
Chapter VII
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Read the letter by Maha Dabbous written after her experience in the Lahori Sect.

Refutation of the Excuse put forth by the Lahore Section

Members of the Lahore Section say the change in belief referred to in Haqiqatul Wahyi, is a change in the belief concerning the question of superiority and preference alone not in regard to the belief with respect to Nabuwwat . But from the reply of the Promised Messiah, it is clear that the root of the change in the belief concerning the superiority and preference over Hazrat Isa lay in fact that in comparison with him, the Promised Messiah did not look upon himself as a Nabi . But when he properly grasped the fact that he was persistently being called a Nabi in the Wahyi coming down on him like a downpour of rain, the Promised Messiah abandoned his idea of a limited and partial preference, which is possible for a man who is not a Nabi, over another who is. In the light of this new awareness the Promised Messiah took up the belief, at variance with the first idea, that he was superior to Jesus Christ in all his glory. Evidently, therefore, the modification in the belief concerning the superiority and preference in question came on the basis of the change in the concept of Nabuwwat . Accordingly we find that further on in Haqiqatul Wahyi the Promised Messiah wrote:

"My dear people, when I have proved that Masih, the son of Mary is dead, and the Masih to come is I, myself, now, in this position, whosoever holds that the first Masih was better and superior, he should, on the basis of conclusive Reports from the Hadith, and verses of the Holy Quran prove that the Messiah to come is nothing at all being neither a Nabi, nor an Arbitor, the first being everything there was need for him to be." (Haqiqatul Wahyi, page 155)

On the same point the Promised Messiah has written further:

"Again to complete the comparison between the two dispensations, that of Moses and the one of Mohammad, it was necessary that, as against the Messiah of Moses, the Messiah of Mohammad also should appear in all the glory of Nabuwwat so that no slight to the sublimest Nabuwwat of Mohammad should, in any manner, come to be implied."

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