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Book: Truth Prevails
Truth Prevails
Qazi Mohammad Nazir
Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Prophecy Concerning the Muslih Mau’ud
    A Dangerous Interpolation by Mr. Faruqi  
    Mr. Faruqi’s Genius for Mixing Up Thread Ends  
    Identification of the Muslih Mau’ud  
    Wrong Statements by Mr. Faruqi  
    Heartless Attack by Mr. Faruqi on the Illness of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II  
    Dirty Allegations by Mr. Faruqi  
    The Fraud of Mobahila  
    Another Wrong Statement by Mr. Faruqi  
    Acquittal from Allegations  
    The Promised Joseph  
    Ejection of the Yazidis  
    Mischievous Note  
Chapter VI
Chapter VII
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Acquittal from Allegations

In regard to the vile allegations made by Mistri Abdul Karim and Sheikh Abdul Rahman Misri, against Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II, Mr. Faruqi writes:

"Although Khalifa Mahmud Ahmad says that after the `Claim' by a person to some spiritual rank, there is always a barrage of criticism and fault-finding by newly made enemies; but in reality, in spite of the fact that accusers are busy finding faults and criticising; God, through Revelation and Divine aid, always shows and proves His Messenger to be innocent of the charges levied." (Truth Triumphs, page 41)

This statement of Mr. Faruqi is quite correct. This is the reason why Allah has refuted the charges brought against Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II by means of Wahyi from Himself, the Wahyi authenticity which Mr. Faruqi himself would not want to impeach. This Wahyi received by the Promised Messiah himself, on the point of the purity and righteousness of his spouse, and his children, came to the Promised Messiah on four separate occasions, in words from the Holy Quran, the words being:

"Allah intends that He should take away from you all kinds of impurity, ye of the household, and that He should make you pure, as pure should be."

The first time, on January 22, 1907 Tazkira, page 687.
The second time, February 3, 1907 Tazkira, page 688.
The third time, March 2, 1907 Tazkira, page 695.
The fourth time, March 13, 1907 Tazkira, Page 701.

It is possible that in this Wahyi, sent down four times, there may be a hint that four separate attempts would be made to throw dirt on them, in view of which fact the innocence of the people concerned has been declared four times: first against attacks by Mistri Abdul Karim, second by Sheikh Abdul Rahman Mistri, third by the so-called Haqiqat Pasand Party, and fourth by Mr. Faruqi.

It is also interesting to note here that on the occasion this Wahyi came in the first instance, in a state of Kashf the Promised Messiah called out loudly to someone, saying `Victory', `Victory' twice.We are therefore justified in holding victory was assured on the basis of Ilham for the Ahl-i-Bait, not for the enemy under reference here.

For some man, burning in jealousy, an Ilham came on March 13, 1907

"In Lahore, a shameless person: Woe for you, and for the calumny you have fabricated!" (Tazkira, page 700)

We leave the reader free to draw his own conclusion in regard to the identity of this person.

The fact is that a test was coming for members of the Movement that seems to be the reason why in the wake of the last of the four Ilhams bearing on the righteousness and purity of the Ahl-i-Bait, another Ilham also was received:

"There is a test. Some shall be caught, while some shall obtain their release." (Tazkira, page 700, March 13, 1907)

This test was the death of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih I, seven years after this Ilham was received. The Movement split into two. Since a promise in favour of Ahl-i-Bait had already gone forth, it so came to pass that the party supported by the Ahl-i-Bait became the party that prevailed. That day another Ilham was fulfilled:

"There are many small ones who shall be made big and there are many big ones who shall be made small. This, therefore, is the time and the place where one should tread with the greatest care." (Tazkira, page 535)

So now, when you come to think of it, is it not really a disgrace when you find a sensible man like Mr. Faruqi giving credence to the filth mucked up by Mistri Abdul Karim and Sheikh Abdul Rahman Mistri– not only giving credence, but going a step further by trying to spread the mean and vile calumnies over a wider area? This is, perhaps, a novel method Mr. Faruqi has invented for enhancing the dignity of the Ahmadiyya Movement, and its Holy Founder, by showing that his prophecies in regard to his own Ahl-i-Bait have all been belied by events and facts.

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