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Book: Truth Prevails
Truth Prevails
Qazi Mohammad Nazir
Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Prophecy Concerning the Muslih Mau’ud
    A Dangerous Interpolation by Mr. Faruqi  
    Mr. Faruqi’s Genius for Mixing Up Thread Ends  
    Identification of the Muslih Mau’ud  
    Wrong Statements by Mr. Faruqi  
    Heartless Attack by Mr. Faruqi on the Illness of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II  
    Dirty Allegations by Mr. Faruqi  
    The Fraud of Mobahila  
    Another Wrong Statement by Mr. Faruqi  
    Acquittal from Allegations  
    The Promised Joseph  
    Ejection of the Yazidis  
    Mischievous Note  
Chapter VI
Chapter VII
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Wrong Statements by Mr. Faruqi

It is highly regrettable that, after reproducing two Ilhams, namely `Sa-ahabo laka ghulaman zakiyyan' and `ja'al haqqo wazahaqal batilo', Mr. Faruqi has also written the following, which has no basis in fact:

"And then, in between these Ilhams, by putting an Ilhami prayer on the lips of the Promised Messiah, a subtle hint was also given that the offspring present at the time was not pure and righteous, as implied in the Ilham `O Lord, bestow on me pure and righteous offspring'. From Tazkira, page 738, it is clear that after this Ilhami prayer, the Promised Messiah had no more children." (Translation from Urdu passage.)

"Then during this period one Divinely inspired prayer came on the tongue of Hazrat Mirza Sahib which delicately pointed to the fact that the present sons (of Mirza Sahib) do not come up to that high standard; for the wording of the prayer said: `O my Lord! grant me godly offspring!' (Tazkira, page 738) After this prayer no more children were born to Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad." (Truth Triumphs, page 32) Passage from English Edition.

Now this is altogether a wrong statement, which bears witness to a lot of hostility, even malice, in the heart of the author, for the offspring of the Promised Messiah. It is very interesting, and instructive, to note that the meaning extracted by the mind of the learned author from the Ilham in question is something so brilliant, out of the common, that even the Promised Messiah failed to dive to such a profound depth. In fact, the person to whom the Ilham was addressed, could not catch the hint intended for him. But Lo, and Behold! The learned author has proved himself sensitive enough in the matter - far more sensitive than even the Promised Messiah himself, to whom it never seems to have occurred that the children he had been blessed with were not pure in mind, and righteous in conduct and behaviour. In fact, in his work entitled Siraj-i-Munir The Promised Messiah wrote quite to the contrary, under prophecy number 17:

"This is the prophecy entered in the Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya on page 239, which is to the following effect: `Allah will complete His blessings on you, that they should constitute a Sign for those who believe.' In other words, whatsoever of this life shall come to be conferred on you, they would all be so many Signs, i.e., what you say shall be a Sign. For instance people saw this in the proceedings of the Conference of Religions held in Lahore, and in the books I have written in Arabic; and my acts, my work, also shall be a Sign, as so many acts of the Lord God Himself, being manifested as such in my favour; and my offspring, too, shall be a Sign, as the Lord promised to bless me with righteous and blessed offspring, and then fulfilled this promise." (Siraj-i-Munir, page 57)

Then Mr. Faruqi has said something which is really very curious, to say the least. He sets down the Ilham from Tazkira, page 401, `You shall see a long and far off line of descendants," and he has felt himself impelled to make the following wonderful remarks:

"You will see (it) in (still) far off generation."

"That is, the Promised Muslih is to appear among some future descendants of yours." (Tazkira page 465)

Would it be permissible for us to ask one question? How, on what authority does Mr. Faruqi, connect this Ilham, namely, that the Promised Messiah shall see a long line of his descendants, with the advent of the Promised Muslih. Had there been any connection of this kind between the two, the Promised Messiah certainly would not have written in Tiryaqul Qulub :

"The Ilham had indicated that four sons would be born and one of these has been described by the Ilham as a stalwart with the qualities of a Messiah. So, with the grace of God, four boys have been born." (Tiryaqul Qulub, page 14)

On page 37 of his book Mr. Faruqi has written:

"Soon after Mirza Mahmud Ahmad became the Khalifa at Qadian, his `kept' Maulvis (who acted as his scribes and publicity agents) started saying and writing that Mirza Mahmud Ahmad is that person in whom the prophecy of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad about the Muslih Mau'ud has been fulfilled. So much so that even Mirza Mahmud Ahmad himself began to think of himself as such; for in the early years of his Caliphate, his following increased considerably and wealth started pouring in. The feeling of power and wealth and glory made him dream of becoming a world conqueror. But since he did not then consider himself appointed by Allah as Muslih Mau'ud, other people were not bound to accept him as such. Having been given some latitude by God, he became bolder still and impertinent; and finally on 28th January, 1944 A.D. he issued the following proclamation: `I swear by that God Who is One and Almighty, and taking a false oath in Whose name is the act of the accursed people and one who attributes a false thing to Him cannot escape His wrath and punishment, that God Himself informed me in this city of Lahore, at No. 13, Temple Road at the house of Sheikh Bashir Ahmad Advocate, that I am the one in whom the prophecy of `Muslih Mau'ud ' has been fulfilled; and I am that `Promised Reformer' through whose efforts Islam will spread to the four corners of the world, and the worship of the One and Only God would be established." (Al-Fazl, 1st February, 1944)

The reader will not fail to note the polite style of expression used here by Mr. Faruqi. He calls Hazrat Khalifatul Masih `impertinent'. In regard to the learned divines of the Movement, he uses the word `paltu ' an expression of immeasurable contempt. All that we need say in this connection is to remind him of the following Hadith: "Jealousy is a fire which eats up the virtues, as fire eats up the fuel".

Mr. Faruqi here shows himself prone to a low type of expression. According to him, the `kept' Ulama of the Movement, flatteringly started to call him the Muslih Mau'ud. He does not seem to have any adequate measure of the background of this question, during the stages of the bitter controversy heaped up on the point, though, at the root it is a very simple and straightforward question, which can be fully answered, from all sorts of possible angles. Perhaps he is not aware that the man who was the first to raise this question, of the identity of the Muslih Mau'ud, was not any scholar of the later period, towards the commencement of his Khilafat. The man who raised the question, to begin with, was an old venerable Companion of the Promised Messiah, Pir Manzur Muhammad. His study of the works of the Promised Messiah led him to the conclusion that Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad combined in himself all qualities and circumstances which marked him out, very clearly, as the Muslih Mau'ud. Pir Manzur Muhammad, wrote a paper on this prophecy. He deduced 14 points, and applied the Prophecy to Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad, and he put it before Hazrat Maulvi Nurruddin Khalifatul Masih I whose reaction was: "I have known it for a long time. Have you never noticed that in my attitude towards him, on a personal level, there is an inner shade of deference." Pir Manzur Mohammad, then, wrote the gist of this talk and put it before Hazrat Khalifatul Masih I, requesting his signature in confirmation. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih wrote the following on that Paper, and signed it:

"We have known this for a long time. Haven't you noticed that in our personal attitude towards him there is a deep inner shade of deference? I confirm that I said this in the course of a talk with brother Pir Manzur Muhammad."

(Signature bears the date December 10) (Tashhizul Azhan, 1914, and Tarikh-i-Ahmadiyyat, Vol. IV, page 369) which carries a photographic reproduction of the original.

We have, thus, the verdict of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih I, whom the Lahore Section accept as Khalifa - a verdict which leaves no room for doubt that out of the surviving sons of the Promised Messiah, Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad, second son of the Promised Messiah, was the Promised Muslih in the prophecy.

Maulvi Abdul Mannan Umar, whose opinion has been available for Mr. Faruqi, published in a periodical entitled `Furqan ' May 1945, some notes of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih I (Maulvi Abdul Mannan was editor of the journal at the time). The sense of these notes was that the advent of the Muslih Mau'ud would take place thirty years after the date when Hazrat Khalifatul Masih I, gave a discourse to this effect. Presumably in his Dars-i-Quran. The notes were published subsequently to the declaration by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II, on the basis of a Revelation to him from God, the wording of this Revelation, in Arabic, was: "I am the Promised Messiah, his like and his Khalifa." Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II took the Revelation to mean that he was the Muslih Mau'ud of this prophecy, which described him as gifted with the breath of a Messiah, in excellence and virtue, like the Promised Messiah himself.

The declaration was made in 1944, exactly thirty years after the light shed on this question by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih I. Here we have the prophecy made by the Promised Messiah, fulfilled, and the view upheld by the Companion of the Promised Messiah, and of the First Khalifa. In the face of this evidence it is highly unseemly for Mr. Faruqi to say that the view was manufactured or supported by hypocritical and paid Maulvis, playing the role of flattering adherents. Let us hope Mr. Faruqi and Maulvi Abdul Mannan would not want to include Hazrat Khalifatul Masih I, in the list of `paltu ' adherents. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih I, was Maulvi Abdul Mannan's father. Pir Manzur Muhammad was his paternal uncle. Below we reproduce the notes in question as published in `Furqan', in two columns, to facilitate proper grasp on the part of the reader:

Difference between us and the others No Mojaddid during the last thirteen hundred years has said that he had received Wahyi. Our Mirza Sahib received both Wahyi and Ilham. Next the word Nabi has not been applied to any anyone. Moreover such clear and remarkable success has not fallen to the share of anyone else.
Great Danger Allah gave a promise to Moses that his followers would conquer the Holy land, and that he could go if he liked. But his people disobeyed him, with the result that they had to wander in the wilderness for forty years; and during this time Moses passed away. I am afraid Allah had given a similar promise to Hazrat Sahib (Promised Messiah) of which destined fulfilment is being delayed by your inappropriate deeds.
Note After thirty years, insha Allah, I hope the Mojaddid, i.e., the Mau'ud... Qudrat-i-Thania would appear.
Note A small impertinence of the Ansar, impelled the Holy Prophet Mohammad to say that to the moment of the Qiyama, they would never be favoured with an opportunity to rule over others. You too are becoming insolent.

The notes in question are from Darsul Quran in 1912. When Maulvi Abdul Mannan Umar published them in the `Furqan ', he appended the following note:

"These words are very clear, and so is their meaning. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih I says the promises given by Allah to the Promised Messiah are being postponed, it appears, on account of some mistakes on the part of some of us. And now, thirty years from today, a promised righteous servant of the Lord would renew and re-invigorate the Movement; and he would be the Manifester of the Second Might and Glory, (Qudrat-i-Thania ) at whose hands the promises shall come to be fulfilled which Allah had given to his chosen Messiah. And it is the grace and mercy of God that from the time these words were said, just after thirty years, to Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II, Manifester of the Second power and glory, the revealment was made that he was the Muslih Mau'ud in whom these prophecies had come to be fulfilled; and on this basis he made the claim that he was the Muslih Mau'ud we have been expecting."

Here we cannot refrain from saying it is highly regrettable that Maulvi Abdul Mannan Umar did not advise Mr. Faruqi not to take up his pen on this question, to falsify the verdict given by his own father, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih I.

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