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Muslims who believe in the Messiah, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as), Love for All, Hatred for None.

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August 2010 eGazette – Ramadhan and Prayers

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Muslims for Peace

Muslims for Peace ad campaignIslam teaches us how to create peace within ourself and how to make peace with our fellow man — regardless of color, politics or beliefs.

Terrorism has never had a place in Islam. We have been condemning terrorism ever since our community was formed over 120 years ago.
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Hadith: the Treasures of God
Milky Way Galaxy

Abu Dharr relates that the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace be on him said:

Allah admonishes you: O My servants, I have charged Myself to wrong no one and have forbidden it between you, so wrong not anyone; O My servants, all of you are astray save those whom I should guide; O My servants, all of you are hungry save those whom I should feed, then supplicate Me for food, I shall feed you; 0 My servants, all of you are naked save those whom I should clothe, then supplicate Me for clothes, I shall clothe you; O My servants, you misbehave night and day and I forgive all sins, then supplicate Me for forgiveness, I shall forgive you; O My servants, you can have no power to do Me harm, nor can you have power to confer any benefit upon Me; O My servants, if the first of you and the last of you, and the whole lot of you, high and low, were to become like one who has the most righteous soul among you, that would not add a whit to My Kingdom; O My servants, if the first of you and the last of you, and the whole lot of you, high and low, were to become like the one who has the most vicious soul among you, that would not detract a whit from My Kingdom; O My servants, if the first of you and the last of you, and the whole lot of you, high and low, were to assemble in one large plain and were to beg Me for whatever they desire and I were to bestow upon each of you all that he had asked for, that would not detract from My treasures any more than a needle would detract from the ocean by being immersed in it. O My servants, I compass your deeds and shall make a full requital for them to you. Then he who encounters good should praise Allah for it; and he who encounters something else should blame only himself. (The book of Hadith by Muslim)

Our Teachings: our paradise is in our God

By Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah
Promised Messiah

The month of Ramadhan is a blessed month to progress in spirituality. Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Founder of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community wrote:

“How unfortunate, indeed, is the man who does not even know that he has a God with power over all things! Our paradise is in our God. Our highest delight is in our God for we have seen Him and have found every beauty in Him. This wealth is worth procuring though one may have to lay down one’s life to procure it. This ruby is worth purchasing though one may have to lose one’s self to acquire it. O ye, who are bereft, run to this fountain and it will satiate your thirst. It is the fountain of life that will save you. What shall I do, and by what drum shall I make the announcement that this is your God, so that people might hear? What remedy shall I apply to their ears so that they should listen? If you belong to Allah, rest assured that Allah will indeed belong to you…

Whilst you will sleep, He will keep watch over you; while you neglect your vigil against the enemy, He will keep an eye on him and disrupt his plans. Even now you have no idea what wondrous powers your God has. If you had known, then no day could have dawned on you for you to grieve over for lack of things of this world. A man who has a treasure in his possession, does he weep and cry over the loss of a penny, as though he were about to Perish? Had you been aware of this treasure that God would suffice for all your needs, what reason was there for you to be so wholly absorbed in things of this world?”

To read the booklet with the above excerpt click here.

To read a collection of excerpts from his writings about Allah click here.

Friday sermon about Ramadhan

Khalifatul Masih V, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Oct 7, 2005

Khalifatul Masih V

In this Ramadhan we should reflect upon whether we have maintained the spiritual development we attained during the previous Ramadhan or not. We need to analyze if we have drifted away from the gains made in goodness in the previous year. If we have lost the gains of the previous Ramadhan then where is the advantage? What can we hope to achieve from this or any future Ramadhans? Whereas, Allah has said that He has prescribed fasting, so that we can grow in piety and righteousness and come closer to Him; but, what is this that we have not progressed in morality and spirituality? Allah’s claim cannot be wrong the fault lies with man! So, the fact of the matter is that vulnerability is ours. Either we did not benefit from the Ramadhans that have passed away or earned only temporary benefit and over the year drifted back to square one. What is expected of a believer is that whatever stations of piety and Taqwa he achieved in the previous Ramadhan the next Ramadhan should incrementally take him to a higher station of morality, piety and Taqwa.

Read or listen to sermon.

Ramadhan and fulfillment of prayers
By Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad (Friday sermon from May 9, 1986)

Khalifatul Masih IV

Allah says in the Holy Quran:

“And when My servants ask thee about Me, say: ‘I am near. I answer the prayer of the supplicant when he prays to Me. So they should hearken to Me and believe in Me, that they may follow the right way.'” (Al Quran 2:187) This verse is in the context of the verses pertaining to fasting. Commenting on this verse Ahmad says that Allah out of His immense generosity does not demand complete submission before responding to His servants. Allah starts hearing prayers of the supplicants in whatever sphere of life they submit to Him. This is a great glad tiding for every believer as he or she enters the month of fasting.

Read full sermon in English translation (pdf) or listen to Urdu audio.

August 2010

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The Review of Religions

Muslim Sunrise

Zion, Illinois – A coincidence, or did the Hand of God touch this midwestern town? (Summer 2010)

Dreams and visions can reveal how God ultimately guides us
By Syed Sajid Ahmad

Originally published in Fargo Forum, on June 26 2010, in response to a writing of an atheist:

There are people who do hear or have heard the word of God (Anyone hear what ‘God said’? Opinion in The Forum on June 20 by Marcel Stratton). There is no need to be dismayed of the benevolence of God in this materialistic world. That God of Abraham never did and has not gone silent, so cheer up and make an effort in his way and taste its sweet fruits.

God is not a physical existence that can be probed, coerced to respond or forced to act. God could not be and cannot be; otherwise people could forge power over him and use him to fulfill their base desires. It is his choice who he blesses with his word and support or how he chooses to communicate. That is how he has always reached man and that is how he will continue reaching man.

Read more online.

Finding God in Light of the Writings of Promised Messiah
By Atif Munawar Mir

Islam, Christianity and Judaism believe in Transcendent God that is beyond time, space and time. How are we to find Him then? Atif Mir examines this issue in light of the writings of the Promised Messiah, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, especially his book, the Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam. Continue reading online.

The Holy Quran as the Miracle of the Holy Prophet
By Zia H Shah

‘Illiterate himself, scarcely able to read or write, he was yet the author of a book which is a poem, a code of laws, a Book of Common Prayer, and a Bible in one,’ wrote Reginald Bosworth Smith, a biographer of the Prophet, ‘and is reverenced to this day by a sixth of the whole human race as a miracle of purity of style, of wisdom, and of truth. It was the one miracle claimed by Mohammed—his ‘standing miracle’ he called it; and a miracle indeed it is.’ Shah examines some of the evidence for this thesis, in this short article: Read more online.

Blessings of Fasting

Sheikh Mubarik Ahmed

Fasting is an old universal institution, practiced since ancient times. A study of the Old Testament books, Exodus and Samuel, shows that Moses and other Israelite Prophets, on whom be peace, observed the ritual of fasting on important occasions. So did Jesus, as is said of him in Matt. 4:2-3, “And when he had fasted forty days and forty nights, then he felt hungry.” Indeed, Jesus, on whom be peace, is reported to have told his disciples in Matt. 17 that evil spirits cannot be exorcised except through prayer and fasting. In Matt. 6 he appears to have gone to considerable lengths to describe the manner in which fasting should be carried out.

To read full book click here

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