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March 2009 eGazette

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The Attribute of Razzaq (The Provider) and the present global Economic Crisis
by Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad at, the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
Hadrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih V

The financial crisis has enveloped the entire world these days. All nations of the world, the developed and the underdeveloped countries alike, are trapped in this tangled web. Some countries that previously enjoyed strong economic conditions, so much so that they believed they could rule the world because they possessed the most advanced technologies (science, food, weapons, medicine) and other nations would forever be dependent on them for their own existence, are seeing their economy break down before their eyes. The truth of the matter is that these economies were based on frail policies which have collapsed, resulting in a global economic crisis. The true controller indeed is God, but these superpower nations fail to acknowledge this fact. The solutions they are now coming up with to save their economy are again not long-lasting, nor reliable. The real solution lies only in … Read the rest of the summary online

Compound Interest: Financial Weapon of Mass Destruction
by Ataul Wahid LaHaye
US National Dept

How would you define the economic challenges facing us today? In the heartland of capitalism, there is financial meltdown. In the Third World, millions are already suffering the ravages of a global food crisis caused by high prices.

Despite staggering advances in technology and human knowledge, despite the fact that the development of human society has brought humanity to a historic threshold where it is now possible not only to overcome scarcity and exploitation but also to forge social arrangements where human beings can truly flourish—despite all of this potential, social and economic life are under painful duress and the ecosystems of the planet gravely threatened. It is not for lack of resources or knowledge… More read online

March 2009

Persecution News

February 20, 2009: Two unknown assailants in front of a madrassa in Manghopir Road, Karachi, Pakistan gunned down Mr. Mubashir Ahmad when he was returning home from his job. He was receiving threats from religious opponents for quite sometime.

February 25, 2009: Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Abid, Missionary Incharge of Burewala, District Vehari, Punjab sustained four bullet injuries in his legs when one of unknown masked gunmen opened fire at him at Bus Stop Faujianwala, Chak 543.

PAKISTAN: Provincial government of Punjab is instigating violence against AhmedisRead the statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission

Press Release: Ahmadi Mosque attacked in Pakistan: Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat International – February 16, 2009

The Current Plight of the Banking System: Solutions from Islam
by Afzal ur Rehman, MD, PhD.
In 2008 a man named Bernard L. Madoff, made off with 50 billion dollars of people’s money. These people had invested their money with him and were enjoying good returns year over year. Mr. Madoff delivered investment returns better than most. Many speculated about how he could do it. Some thought he traded using inside information. Others alleged he was manipulating electronic market trading systems he had invented (now called NASDAQ). None of these theories held up. Mr. Madoff continued to deliver better than average returns for more than 15 to 20 years, but in late 2008 he could do it no more. When investors wanted to withdraw their money, there was no money to be found. Mr. Madoff confessed that all these years he had been running a Ponzi scheme and, in fact, never made any significant money by investing… More read online

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