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May 2010 eGazette – Natural Calamities and the End of Times

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Sufficient for us is Allah, and He is an excellent Guardian
Hadrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih VFriday Sermon delivered by Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, March 5th, 2010.

People of divine communities have the same responsibilities as the Prophets of God who establish them, i.e. to summon people to God and to point out misleading thoughts and practices that set in with the passage of time. History of religion tells us that each time followers of a Prophet of God did this they received overwhelming opposition, especially at the time when they were small in number. Pharaoh-like people tried their best to obliterate the Prophets of God and their followers. Likewise, the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) was treated in a similar manner. The difficulties, including the wars that he had to endure were indeed more than the earlier Prophets. However, his steadfastness was resolute and he inculcated this spirit in his companions as well. Lack of numbers and weapons did not ever shake the resoluteness of his companions. …

Hadhrat Ahmad quoted several verses of the Holy Quran including, ” ‘Nay, We (Allah) provided those and their fathers with the good things of this world till life grew long for them. Do they not see that We are visiting the land, reducing it from its outlying borders? Can they even then be victors?” (Al Quran 21:45). He said if a nation has been in power for a long period of time and feels superior about it; certainly such situations are not permanent. In fact God states that He generously provides generations upon generations of a nation but it should always be kept in view that great nations were diminished in the past. In recent past the European nations lost much of their power. They had colonized huge parts of the world and now they are diminished. Russia too had spread over a vast area but many of its states have gained independence. For more read or listen to it online in different languages.

Natural Disasters or Divine Punishment?
by Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad (1928-2003)

Mirza Tahir Ahmad

The Holy Quran says, “Never did We (Allah) send a Prophet to any town but We seized the people thereof with adversity and suffering, that they might become humble.” (Al Quran 7:95) The jurisdiction of Islam is international and the demonstration of the truth and victory of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) was destined to be in two phases; a phase in the early history of Islam and a second phase in the Latter Days. Universal Brotherhood in light of the teachings of Islam was possible only when the physical means for bringing mankind together also existed. Such means did not exist during the time of the earlier rise of Islam. Indeed, a vast part of the world, which we call the New World, had not even been discovered then. In view of these difficulties, the ultimate victory had to undoubtedly wait the time when the Will of God Almighty allowed distances to become insignificant and neither mountains or wild wastelands, nor vast oceans would stand as a hindrance in international relationships being established. More comprehensive propagation of Islam was destined for a time when through internet, e-mails and discussion forums, humanity will be brought so close to each other, as if they are all a part of a global village. Read a detailed five part article online on this topic that is linked on his profile page.

Earthquakes and other calamities and the End of Times
By Zia H Shah MD

Messiah of this age, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had a revelation from All Knowing God:

“A Warner came into the world and the world did not accept him; but God will accept him and will establish his truth through powerful assaults.”Presidential Palace Haiti

In the first few months of this year alone the world has seen four major earthquakes and an unprecedented volcanic eruption in Iceland. According to the Islamic understanding, all the prophets before the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, had only local mission, in keeping with the facility of communications in those times. The message of Prophet Muhammad had global significance and his message was to be fully demonstrated according to the traditions in the Latter Days at the time of second coming of Messiah. Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is the Messiah of the Latter Days promised by the Holy Prophet Muhammad.

Ahmad’s mission is universal and God’s help and succor and plan to demonstrate Islam’s elegance in the Latter Days has a global scope. Allah has said in the Holy Quran: “He (Allah) it is Who has sent His Messenger with the guidance and the Religion of truth, that He may cause it to prevail over all religions, even if those who associate partners with God hate it.” (Al Quran 61:10 & 9:33)

Read more online.

The people of Lot

By Fazal Ahmad from UK

The people of the prophet Lot who lived in Sodom are described notoriously in both the Holy Quran and the Bible. They performed acts that were not known before that time, but that have since taken on new vigor in the modern age. This article explores the people, their prophet and the fate that befell them using information gleaned from both religious texts and recent archaeological work around the Dead Sea area. Read online in The Review of Religions.

May 2010

Introducing the Books of the Promised Messiah (as) – Brief introduction of books.

Persecution News

For latest updates of the persecution of the peaceful Ahmadiyya Muslim Community please visit or at the The Persecution Blog

The Review of Religions

Muslim Sunrise

Second Coming of the Messiah (2007 Winter Issue – PDF)

Pharaoh of Moses: A Quranic prophecy fulfilled
By Dr. Amtul Qudoos Farhat, Canada

The Holy Quran states, “This day shall We save you (O Pharaoh) in your body, that you may be a Sign to those who come after you! But indeed, many among mankind are neglectful of Our Signs.” (Al Quran 10:93)
Pharaoh who denied the prophethood of Moses died more than 3000 years ago. More than 1500 years after the Pharaoh’s death, the Holy Quran prophesized that Pharaoh’s body has been saved. In the 19th century, the prophecy of the Holy Quran became fulfilled when Pharaoh’s mummy was discovered. [ read more ]

The people of ‘Ad to whom the prophet Hud was sent
By Zia H Shah MD

Information about these Arabian tribes was lost to history, even though they were mentioned in the Holy Quran. Recent archeological discoveries have brought them back to reality for every one and established the truth of the Holy Quran. The discovery was a two step process, firstly, the discovery of the people of Ebla in Syria and then the discovery of Iram in southern Arabia.

Cuneiform clay tablets from Syria -- Ebla
Cuneiform clay tablets from Syria — Ebla

The people of the ‘Ad were surrounded by sand dunes, as is mentioned in the Holy Quran, “And make mention of the brother of ‘Ad, when he warned his people among the sand-hills – and Warners there have been before him and after him – saying, ‘Worship none but Allah. I fear for you the punishment of a great day.'” (Al Quran 46:22) There is a fairly detailed mention of the ‘Ad and the Thamud in the Holy Quran as these tribes were in the neighborhood of Makkah and Madinah, the towns that were the first recipients of the message of Islam. [ read more ]

The Thamud — Petra and Madain Salih
By Zia H Shah MD

Thamud or the Nabataeans were known for hewing houses in mountains. Madain Salih (Dedan) is in Saudi Arabia and is known in the European literature as Hegra derived from Al-Hijr. It was once inhabited by the Thamud or the Nabataeans. Petra (located in Jordan) being the capital of the Nabataean kingdom. The Nabataeans are of Arab origin that became rich by their monopoly on the trade of incense and spice in particular between the East and the Roman, Greek and Egyptian empires. Madain Salih, is in north of Madinah and has about 130 dwellings and tombs that extend over some 13 kilometers. Another Nabataeans site is Petra in Jordan that has been declared to be one of the world wonders in 2007.

Madain Salih
Madain Salih

There is also mention of the Madain Salih in Hadith of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him.

The prophet Salih was sent to the Thamud. It is possible, however, that other prophets were sent to other parts of the Thamud. For example, the Holy Quran says, “The Thamud rejected the Messengers. When their brother Salih said to them: Will you not be righteous! I am sent to you as a trusty Messenger.” (Al Quran 26:142-144) [ read more ]

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