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Some Verses of the Quran

The Ahmadiyya Gazette, June 1995

Ibn Abbas relates:

While Gabriel was sitting with the Holy Prophet a sound was heard from above and Gabriel raised his head and said: A door has been opened from heaven which had not been opened up to this day. Then an angel descended from it and Gabriel said: This angel has descended to the earth and had not descended before till this day. He saluted the Holy Prophet and said: Be glad of the two lights that have been bestowed upon you which had not been bestowed upon any Prophet before you: The opening chapter of the Book and the last verses of sura Al-Baqarah (Chapter 2). Whenever you recite even a word of this it will be bestowed upon you.


Abu Sa’id Rafi relates:

The Holy Prophet said to me: Shall I tell you before you go out of the mosque which is the greatest chapter of the Quran? and he took hold of my hand. When we were about to issue from the mosque I said to him: Messenger of Allah, you had said you would tell me which is the greatest chapter of the Quran. He answered: The opening chapter which contains the seven oft-repeated verses and the Great Quran which has been bestowed upon me.