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Those Under the Shadows of God

The Muslim Sunrise, Summer 1995

It is related on the authority of Abu Haraira (ra) that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said,

“On the day of resurrection, the seven persons will be under the shadow of God; the first, the judge who is just; the second, the man who devotes his life in the worship of God even in his youth; the third, the man who eagerly awaits the call to prayer to go to the Mosque and worship God; the fourth, the two friends, who love each other for the sake of God, when they meet they meet for the sake of God, when they separate they separate for the sake of God; the fifth, the man who resists the temptation of a woman who is beautiful and comes of a respectable family and tries to incline him towards her for evil purposes; the sixth, the man who gives alms with his right hand but conceals it from the left; the seventh, the man when alone, meditates on God, and his eyes become filled with tears.”