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Treatment of Guest

The Ahmadiyya Gazette, March – April 1993

Abu Hurairah relates that a man came to the Holy Prophet and said: I am famished. He sent to one of his wives and she sent back word: By Him Who has sent thee with the Truth, I have nothing but water. Then he sent word to another and received back the same reply. He sent word in turn to every one of them and the same reply came back. Then he said: Who will make this one his guest? One of the Ansar said: Messenger of Allah, I will. So he took him home and said to his wife: Have you anything? She answered: Nothing, except a little for the children. He said: Beguile them with something, and when they should ask for food, put them to sleep. When the guest comes in, put out the light, and make him feel that we are also eating. So they sat down and the guest ate and they passed the night hungry. When he came to the Holy Prophet in the morning, the latter said to him: Allah was well pleased with that which you did about your guest last night. (Bokhari and Muslim)