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A Brief History of Ahmadiyya Movement In Islam

His Children

God Almighty blessed him with ten children from his second marriage, five children however died in their infancy. Following are the other five who lived to ripe old ages by Divine grace.
  1. Hadhrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad (RA), Khalifatul Masih II Born 12th January 1889, passed away November 8th, 1965
  2. Hadhrat Mirza Bashir Ahmad (RA), Born April 20th, 1893, passed away 2nd September 1963
  3. Hadhrat Mirza Sharif Ahmad (RA), born 24th May 1895, passed away December 26th, 1961.


  4. Hadhrat Nawab Mubaraka Begum (RA), born 2nd March 1897, passed away 23rd May 1977.
  5. Hadhrat Nawab Amtul Hafeez Begum (RA), born 25th January 1904, passed away on 6th May 1987 in Rabwah.