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A Brief History of Ahmadiyya Movement In Islam

His Companions

Given below are the names of ten distinguished companions of the Promised Messiah (AS) who bore a special love in their hearts for their holy master. They served the cause of Islam with devotion.
  1. Hadhrat Maulvi Noor al-Din , Khalift al-Masih I
  2. Hadhrat Maulvi Abdul Karim Siyalkoti
  3. Hadhrat Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan, ( Raees Malirkotla, son in law of Hadhrat Ahmad (AS)
  4. Hadhrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, editor Badr
  5. Hadhrat Shaikh Yaqoob Ali Irfani, editor al-Hakam
  6. Hadhrat Maulvi Burhan al-Din Jehlumi
  7. Hadhrat Munshi Zafar Ahmad Kapurthalvi
  8. Hadhrat Maulvi Abdullah Sinori
  9. Hadhrat Pir Siraj al-Haq Noamani
  10. Hadhrat Mir Nasir Nawab ( father in law of Hadhrat Ahmad)

His Books

The Promised Messiah (AS) penned 81 books in lucid and logical exposition of the sublime teachings of Islam. Some of his noteworthy works are:
  • Braheene Ahmadiyya (Proofs of Amadiyya) - 1880
  • Fathey Islam (Victory of Islam) - 1891
  • Aeena Kamalate Islam (Mirror of Excellences of Islam) - 1893
  • Barkat al-Dua (The Blessings of Prayer) - 1893
  • Anjame Atham (The End of Atham) - 1896
  • Islamee Usook kee Philosophy (Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam) - 1896
  • Maseeh Hindostan Mein (Jesus in India) - 1896
  • Zaroorat al-Imam (The Need for an Imam) - 1897
  • Tohfae Qaisiriyyah (A Gift to the Queen) - 1897
  • Siraje Muneer (The Bright Lamp) - 1897
  • Tiryaq al-Qoloob (The Elixir of the Heart) - 1899
  • Kashtee Nooh (The Ark of Noah) - 1902
  • Tazkirat as-Shahadatayn (Narration of two Martyrdom) - 1903
  • Payghame Sulh (Message of Reconciliation) - 1908