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A Brief History of Ahmadiyya Movement In Islam

An Ideal Believer

He was endowed with photographic memory. For example he memorized fourteen chapters of the Holy Quran while travelling on an elephant for thirty days as member of the ruler's entourage. The rest of the Quran he committed to memory subsequently.

He developed the love of books from his early childhood and soon had a fairly large private collection. Once he was lent a book Tabaqat al-Anwar spread over 700 pages for only six hours. He read the entire book within the stipulated time period.

On one occasion he sent one of his disciple to Bhopal to make a copy of a book consisting of six volumes. Later the same disciple was sent to Egypt to make a copy of a book consisting of 800 pages. His interest in books was not limited to religion only, he had in fact read all the works of Shakespeare in Arabic.

In 1885 he read an announcement written by Hadhrat Ahmad, the Promised Messiah & Mahdi (AS). This had such a profound effect on him that he felt a strong urge to see Hadhrat Ahmad (AS) in person. At first glance he was convinced of his truthfulness and ready to lay down his life for him. From that day on he became one of his most committed and ardent followers. When the first pledge of allegiance was taken at Ludhiana on March 23rd, 1889, he holds the distinction to be the first one to do so. In 1890 when Hadhrat Ahmad (AS), under Divine inspiration, declared himself to be the Promised Messiah, he accepted his claim without the least hesitation.