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A Brief History of Ahmadiyya Movement In Islam

His family

Hadhrat Maulanaís first marriage took place in Bhera when he was thirty years of age. He was married to Fatima Bibi who was the daughter of Mufti Shaikh Mukarram Qureshi. She passed away in 1905.

His second marriage took place in March 1889 at Ludhiana on the urging of the Promised Messiah (AS) to Sughra Begum who was the daughter of a revered sage, Hadhrat Soofi Ahmad Jan (RA). She passed away in August 1955 at Rabwah at the age of eighty-three. From this union, by the grace of God, he was blessed with five sons and a daughter Amatul Hayee. The daughter was later married to the eldest son of Hadhrat Ahmad (AS).

Around 1887 the Promised Messiah (AS) suggested to him to write a book in refutation of Christian criticism of Islam, accordingly he authored a book Fasl al-Khatab. Then in 1890 in response to Pandit Lekh Ramís book Takzeeb Baraheene Ahmadiya he published a book Tasdeeq Baraheene Ahmadiyya.

His Children

He was blessed with three daughters and five sons.