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A Brief History of Ahmadiyya Movement In Islam

Advisory Council

Hudhoor established the central consultative body (Majlis Mashawarat) of the Jamaat in 1922. Elected representative of various chapters of the Community gather at the Center once a year on the express orders of the Caliph and offer their consul and opinion on matters presented before them. The Khalifat al-Masih agrees with the counsel, if he deems appropriate. In this way all the members of the Jamaat have a chance to get involved in the affairs of the Community by offering their opinion.

Department of Justice

In order to solve the civil disputes between members of the Jamaat, Hudhoor introduced Darul Qaza (department of justice) in 1925. The judges of this department offer their judgements based on the ordinances of the Holy Quran, sayings and practice of the Apostle of Allah (SAS), and Islamic jurisprudence. As a consequence members do not necessarily have to take their cases before the civilian courts of the country.