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A Brief History of Ahmadiyya Movement In Islam

First Journey to London

A huge exhibition known as ‘Wembley Exhibition’ was held in London in 1924. The organizers decided to hold a conference on this occasion inviting representatives of various religions to speak on the teachings of their respective faiths. Hudhoor also received an invitation to participate in this conference. After consultation with the Jamaat he decided to travel to London.

Hudhoor traveled by sea from Bombay with a delegation of twelve eminent Ahmadis. On the way to London the steamship made stops in Egypt, Syria and Palestine. Sir Muhammad Zafrulla Khan read Hudhoor's paper in the conference which was later published under the title “Ahmadiyyat or the True Islam”. Everyone appreciated Hudhoor's enlightening address.

While in London Hudhoor laid the foundation stone of the first Ahmadiyya Fazl mosque on October 19th, 1924. Eminent writers, newspaper, TV & radio reporters attended the ceremony. A British company made a motion picture of the event, the clips from this video were tele-casted by MTA in July 2000. The opening ceremony took place in 1926. The construction cost of the mosque was entirely born by members of the Lajna Ima-Allah.

This journey was of great significance from preaching point of view. Every country Hudhoor traveled through people expressed great interest in Ahmadiyyat. Although there was a bit of opposition, but overall it was a smashing success. Having successfully accomplished his objectives, Hudhoor arrived back home after four months.