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A Brief History of Ahmadiyya Movement In Islam

His Second Marriage

In fulfillment of a particular prophecy, Hudoor's second marriage took place on November 17th, 1884 to a well-respected and honorable lady Sayyeda Nusrat Jahan Begum who belonged to the noble Sayyed family of Dehli. Thus the following prophecy was fulfilled.
"I have intended another marriage for you, I shall provide all that may be needed in this respect” (Hayate Tayyeba, page 73)
Hadhrat Mir Naser Nawab (RA) was his father in law who was a descendant of Hadhrat Khawaja Mir Dard. Hadhrat Mir sahib was an extremely righteous and divinely personage. Maulvi Sayyed Nazeer Hussain (Muhaddith Dehlvi), a well-known Dehli scholar, performed the Nikah (matrimonial rites) on November 17th 1884. The Rukhstana (reception) ceremony took place the same day in Dehli. The marriage was very successful with the grace and favors of Allah the Exalted. God Almighty gave him pious offspring from this wedlock, regarding whom he was given glad tidings. These glad tidings were fulfilled at their prescribed time and we are witnessing these with our own eyes.