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A Brief History of Ahmadiyya Movement In Islam

His Books

Some of his books are:
  • Tafseere Kabeer (Larger Commentary of Holy Quran)
  • Tafseere Saghir (Shorter Commentary of the Quran)
  • Dawat al-Ameer (Invitation to the King)
  • Tuhfat al-Malook (A Gift to the Kings)
  • Haqiqat al-Nabuwat (The truth about Prophethood)
  • Sayre Roohani (The Spiritual Stroll)
  • Inqalabe Haqeeqee (The True Revolution)
  • Fazaele al-Quran (The Excellences of the Quran)
  • Payghame Ahmadiyyat (The Message of Ahmadiyat)
  • Kalame Mahmood (Collection of Urdu poetry)
  • Ahmadiyyat yanee Haqeeqee Islam (Ahmadiyyat or the True Islam)
  • Hindostan kay siyasee Masayel ka Hal (Solution to the political problems of India)
  • Hasti Bari Tala (The Existence of God)
  • Malaeykat al-Allah (The Angels of God)
  • Islam ka Iqtisadi Nazam (The Economic System of Islam)
In English his popular books are: Introduction to the study of the Holy Quran & Invitation to Ahmadiyyat.