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A Brief History of Ahmadiyya Movement In Islam

Al-Fazl Newspaper

One of the remarkable achievements of Hudhoor is the bringing out of the newspaper al-Fazl. The first issue came out on June 18th, 1913 from Qadian. Hudhoor himself was the editor. Initially it was a weekly, later it was published every three days. Finally On March 8th, 1935 it became a daily.

Up to the time of the partition in August 1947 it was regularly published from Qadian. In Pakistan it was published from Lahore up to 1954, and then from Rabwah 1955 onward.

This is the only official organ of the Movement that has regularly published all the sermons and sayings of all the Caliphs covering a period of more than eighty-six years. It has also served as a vehicle for the moral upbringing of members, preaching of Islam and preservation of history of the Movement. Ahmadi brothers and sisters scattered all over the globe stay in touch with each other through this eight page comprehensive newspaper.