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A Brief History of Ahmadiyya Movement In Islam

Caliphate of Hadhrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad

Hadhrat Khalifa al-Masih the Second had established a selection committee as well as rules for the election of a Caliph during his lifetime. This was done in consultation with representative of various Jamaats comprising of the Majlis Mushawarat (Advisory Committee). Accordingly on the demise of the Second Caliph on 8th November 1965 at 7.30pm after Isha prayers at Masjid Mubarak, Rabwah, a meeting of Majlise Intikhab (the Electoral College) was held under the chairmanship of Hadhrat Mirza Aziz Ahmad, Executive Director, Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya.

First, all the members of the Electoral College pledged their allegiance to the institution of Caliphate according to the pre-established rules. Then votes were cast & Hadhrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad, eldest son of Hadhrat Khalifa al-Masih the Second was elected as the new Caliph by a majority vote. All the members of the committee entered afresh into covenant of allegiance on his blessed hand. He made a brief address, and then all those who were outside of the Mubarak mosque (numbering well over 5000) took the oath of allegiance. Thus the Community was once again united at his hand.