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Khilafat is the Soul

Majeed A. Mian
Al-Nahl, Spring 1995

Rise ye my friend! See the Sunrise at the Knoll
See the glow, the radiance, the power, and the roll

Khilafat is the Soul, Spirit, Heart, and Mind
The Habl Allah, where the Quran had us all combined

Many a dark night, spent beneath the shadow of a despair
By the many thousands, who passed away in waiting

The Lord being forgotten, His message was waylaid
Greed and hunger possessed the people, goodness they forbade

Darkness fell over the oceans and the earth
Abandoned was the ship of Islam, left into its berth

Allah raised the Promised Messiah to move the Spirit of Faith
Leaving behind the reward of Khilafat to get us going straight

Blessed are we who have a Khalifa praying for us all
Yearning for our loft and glory, Allah does he call.

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