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Re-appearance of Christ

Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad (aba)
Christianity: A Journey from Facts to Fiction, pages 136-138, 1994

Let us, in the end, remind the Christians and the Muslims who are awaiting the re-appearance of Christ for the last so many centuries that in the prophetic words of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, the divinely appointed Messiah of the latter days:

Remember very well that no one shall ever come down from heaven. All our opponents who are alive today shall die and none from them shall ever see Jesus son of Mary coming down from heaven; then their children that are left after them shall also die and none from among them shall ever see Jesus son of Mary coming down from heaven and then their third generation shall also die and they too shall not see the son of Mary coming down. Then God shall cause great consternation in their minds and they shall then say that even the age of the domination of the cross has passed away and the way of life has changed completely, yet the son of Mary has not come down. Then in dismay the wise among them shall forsake this belief and three centuries from now shall not have passed when those who await the coming of Jesus son of Mary, whether they be Muslims or Christians, shall relinquish altogether this conception.

[Roohani Khazain Vol. 20: Tazkiratush Shahadatain p 67]

So you may wait until a new generation is born and they will also wait until they have run their course and a new generation would take over. This state of waiting may continue till the end of the time, but no Jesus will bodily descend from heaven. However much those who crave him to return his personal visit would ever see their dream come true. They may even build a wailing wall for themselves as the Jews did more than three thousand years ago. And may they go on striking their heads against it. But as it happened in the case of the Jews so will it happen again. They will see no Messiah descend despite their wailing and torment, generation after generation after generation. Their future expectations of Christ will achieve nothing but an emptiness and a void that will never end. An utterly bleak prospect indeed.

As for the Christians who really take Christ to be a literal son of God let us end this discussion with the warning words from the Holy Quran, the divinely revealed book to the Holy Prophet of Islam. It lays out the purposes of his advent:

He came as a warner to those who attributed a son to God. They have no knowledge or evidence of what they believe or did their forefathers have any. It is an enormity which is uttered by their mouths. They only make an unfounded false claim. They utter nothing but falsehood. (18:5-6).