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Tread on the Path of Taqwa by Promised Messiah

The Ahmadiyya Gazette, August 1995

He who sincerely enters the fold of my Bai'at, completely obeying me, follows me truly and abandons all his resolves, will be the one whom my soul recommend in these days of calamity.

So, O ye who count among my Jama'at, you will be considered my true followers on the high only when you will truly tread on the path of Taqwa. Therefore, offer your five prayers in humility and fear as if you are viewing God Almighty. Keep the fast sincerely and truthfully. He who is duty bound to pay Zakat, must pay the desired amount. On whom Haj is obligatory, must go and perform it. Do the virtue punctiliously and loathe vice and abandon it.

Beware that no deed will reach God which is deprived of Taqwa. The base of every virtue is Taqwa. The deed whose base is firm, will not be destroyed. It will be that you are tied with sorts of loss and misfortune as were the believers of yore. Therefore, beware lest you tumble. Earth can do you no harm if you have firm bond on the high. Whenever you will suffer, it will be at your own hands and not at the hands of the enemy. If all your earthly prestige is washed away, God will grant you lasting honour on the skies. So do not abandon Him. Surely you will be persecuted and lots of your hopes smashed, but do not pine for them. It is the trial from God to see if you are steadfast or not.

(Kashti-e-Nooh, Page 14)

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