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Final Victory of Islam

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (asw)
The Muslim Sunrise
Special Centenary Issue 1989

The following is an English rendering of an Urdu poem by the Promised Messiah, may be peace be on him.

O' my Allah, the master of the universe, the concealer of our shortcomings. My dearest benefactor and provider. How can I thank thee for what thou has bestowed upon me. Words simply fail to describe to it.

O' my Allah, I sacrifice before thee my body, my life, and my soul for I do not see anyone else who would love me so much. The sun has risen over our enemies while darkness has befallen on us at this time. Let the sun of thy blessings come out so my anxiety may be satisfied.

O' my dear Allah, may every limb of my body sacrifice before thee. Turn the reigns of this world towards me. Investigate the commotion in thy neighborhood, for failure to help like a friend would be too embarrassing. Treat my wounds with the ointment of thy blessings and listen to my cries of agony.

I cannot bear watching the decline of the religion of Muhammad, please help me emerge victorious in the battle. O' my Allah, shower thy blessings over Islam and save it. For this at the moment like a capsized boat with its crew in agony.

A people are dying of thirst without water, turn the course of a stream in this direction. O' my Allah, we are weak, lift us with thy own hands and take us in thy own care. My nation is currently passing through the darkness of illiteracy but it is not difficult for thee that they become righteous.

O' my Allah, may every bit of my body and soul sacrifice before thee. Show me the day of prosperity and final victory of Islam. It is useless to seek help from humans at this time. Now, O' my Allah, we have no choice but to take appeal in thy blessed court.

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