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Perfect Knowledge by Promised Messiah

The Ahmadiyya Gazette, June 1994

Dear ones, no one can fight God's designs. Be sure that the source of perfect knowledge is divine revelation which is bestowed on the holy prophets of God. Therefore, God, Who is the ocean of grace, did not design that divine revelation should be sealed up for the future and the world should thus be destroyed. The doors of His revelation and converse are always open. If you seek them along their proper ways, you will find them easily. The water of life has come down from heaven and has stopped at its proper place. What must you do, so that you might drink of it? You should, by some means or the other, arrive at that fountain and should put your mouth to it so that you might be filled with the water of life. The entire good fortune of a person consists in this that he should run in the direction in which he perceives that light, and should adopt the way in which he discovers a sign of the Friend Who has been lost.

You have observed that light always descends from heaven and falls upon the earth. In the same way the true light of guidance also descends from heaven. Man's own devices and his own conjectures can not bestow true understanding upon him. Can you behold God without His manifestation? Can you see in the dark without the help of heavenly light? If you can, you may perhaps see in this case also. But our eyes, though in perfect condition, depend on heavenly light; and our ears, though they can hear perfectly, depend upon the air which circulates under divine direction. That God is not true who is silent and leaves every thing to our conjectures. The Perfect and Living God is He Who manifests Himself on His own. At this time also He has designed to disclose His own Being. The windows of heaven are about to open and the day is about to dawn. Blessed are those who should rise up and seek the True God, the One Who is not overtaken by any calamity, the brilliance of Whose Glory is never dimmed.

Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam,pp. 128-29

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