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Promised Messiah: Purification

The Ahmadiyya Gazette, July 1995

Show compassion to every one just for the sake of God so that you may be shown mercy on the high. Let me teach you a way that your glow may overcome every other light.

Relinquish all baser jealousy and vile rivalry and be a symphatiser of mankind. Drown wholly in God and be clean with Him. This is the moment when miracle happens, prayers are granted and angels descend to assist. But this is not one day job. Advance and gain advance. Learn from the washerman who steams the clothes in his furnace and continues with it. When heat splits dirt and filth from the cloth then he takes them to the stream in the morning and dips them in the water and beats and beats on the slab. Then the dirt that had become part of the cloth splits, partly due to heat and partly with the beating of the washerman till the clothes become white as they were.

This is the way to make the human self, white and your salvation hangs on this whiteness. This is the thing mentioned in the Holy Quran where it is said

he indeed truly prospers who purifies it. (Al-Shams: 10)

This means that he wins salvation who cleansed himself from filth and dirt.

(Risala Jihad, p. 14)

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