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The Promised Messiah Has Come

Major Daud H. Beg, retired
The Review of Religions, November 1993

The following is an abridged version of a poem composed by Major Daud H. Beg, retired:

Behold ye O Mankind
Promised Messiah has come.
Peace be upon him
Muhammad prophesied.

To unite all religions
And all mankind,
To revive Islam
As in Muhammad's own time.

Said God-Almighty
To the Promised Messiah:
Shall spread thy message
To corners I desire.

Thou art Holy Masters'
Spiritual reflection
Answerable on
The Day of Resurrection.

Communion with God
Is by contemplation,
A fact endorsed
By Muhammad's supplication.

Jesus, son of Mary
God's Prophet is dead.
`In spirit, you are Jesus,
O Ahmad, God said.

Heretic, Satan, Innovator
Are but names
Given to a Prophet
Repulsive and insane!

Salvation of mankind
Is a mission ordained.
God's words be exalted!
The Apostle proclaimed.

Blessed thou shalt be
By a son, O Messiah.
Thy progeny will spread
Like the forest fire.

His advent is blessed,
A Divine manifestation,
To propagate Islam
By this application.

O Promised Messiah
The long march has begun
Watch the feeble Mullahs
Already on the run!

Did they not know the people
of tiny Qadian
Deputed by God
In the service of Islam?

Behold the Holy spectre
On the surface of the earth.
Islam appeared forgotten
Till tingled by his birth.

It was left to the Caliphs
One after the other
To carry Allah's message
One end to another.

Verily the exhortations
Sent to us by God,
Surely He is its Guardian,
Won't allow it to be bogged.

The tree of Ahmadiyyat
Will continue to grow.
You will reap exactly
From whatever you will sow.

First, Caliph was Hakim.
Allah's blessings be on him!
What Musleh Maud achieved
Was destined for him.

Fifty-one years Caliph
Fulfilled that prophecy.
May God bless him and others, too,
Islam's devotees!

Perennial Divine succour
And His aid is manifest.
And who shall dare to harm him
Whom Allah has so blessed.

Mirza Nasir Ahmad
Has a feather in his cap.
Revived Islam in Spain
Added to the Islamic map!

The edifice of Islam
Is protected by Allah.
Islam will spread to all corners
Al Hamd O Lilla!

He sent Mahdi and Caliphs
To save us from the worst.
All Praise Belongs to Allah
Lord of the universe!

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