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Ministers of Our Jama'at

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as)
The Ahmadiyya Gazette, April 1994

This is very important that WAIZEEN (preachers or ministers) should be trained in our Jama'at. But they will be worthless if they are not different from others. Firstly, they should bring about a change in themselves and demonstrate a pious transformation so that others may be impressed with their worthy model. A good practical model itself is the best sermon. Those who preach and do not act themselves on that sermon, will not impress others. Their sermon becomes the source of permissiveness. It is because when the listeners find that the minister himself does not act on the advice, they consider them flighty. Therefore, the primary thing that is required of the WAIZ (preacher) is his own practical bearing.

Second thing that is required of them is that they should be well versed about our creed and beliefs. They should well understand what we offer to the world. Their knowledge about them should not be fragmentary so that they should not cut a sorry figure before our adversaries. They may not be un-nerved at the criticism and how to meet with those objections. Therefore, it is essential that one should have solid information.

Thirdly, they should be courageous and fearless that they may have heart as well as tongue to speak forcefully for the explanation of the truth. They should not be cowed down with the affluence of the rich, strength of the sturdy and authority of the administrator. When our preachers will have these three qualities, it will be then that they will be valuable for the Jama'at.

This courage and valor will produce a pull in them which will attract hearts towards our Movement. But this pull and charisma demands two things without which they can not be developed. First is thorough knowledge and second is Taqwa. No knowledge is useful without Taqwa which does not come without knowledge. This is the way of Allah that when man acquires extensive knowledge, he becomes shy and modest. Therefore, our WAIZEEN must be well prepared in these three things.

This is because I frequently receive letters enquiring about the answers of certain objections and how they should be replied and what is the explanation of that criticism.

How can we reply to so many letters? If these people acquire extensive knowledge and study our books carefully, they will not have difficulty.

(Roohani Khazain, No.2, Vol. 3, pp. 369-370)

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