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Future of Ahmadiyyat by Promised Messiah

The Ahmadiyya Gazette, July - December 1993

O mankind! harken, this is the prophecy of God who made the heavens and the earth. He will spread this Movement in all countries and will give it supremacy over all through reason and argument. Remember, no one will descend from heaven. All our opponents who are living at present will die and not one of them will see Jesus, Son of Mary, descend from the sky and then their children who survive them will also pass away and none of them will see Jesus, Son of Mary, coming down from the heaven. Generations of their posterity will also perish and they, too, will not see the Son of Mary descending from Heaven. Then God will create restlessness in their hearts; that the days of the glory of the Cross had passed away and the world had taken another shape, but Jesus, son of Mary, had still not come down from the sky. Then all the wise people will discard this belief and the third century from today will not have completed when all those who had been waiting for Jesus, both Muslims and Christians, will despair of his coming and entertain misgivings and shall give up their belief and there will be only one faith in the world and one preceptor. I came only to sow the seed. That seed had been sown by my hand. It will now grow and blossom forth and none dare retard its growth. (Tadhira-tus-Shahadatain, pp. 64-65)