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Promised Messiah (as) on the Way to Pray

The Ahmadiyya Gazette, August 1996

Recitation of the Holy Quran and Supplication

The Promised Messiah and Mahdi Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, peace be on him, is reported to have said: You should recite the Holy Quran and never be despaired of God. You should remember that a true believer is never despaired of God; it is only the disbelievers who are despaired of Him. Our God is All-Powerful God who controls everything.

You should also learn the translation of the Holy Quran and offer your Prayers with full attention and try to understand what you recite during Prayers. You should also pray in your own language. As for the Holy Quran, do not just read it as you read any other book. Rather, read it with the conviction that this is the Book of God. As for Prayers, offer your Prayers as the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, used to offer prayers. Of course, when you have recited the prescribed prayers, you should present your needs before God in your own language. There is no harm in doing that. The Prayer is not at all vitiated by it. In these days people do not pay full attention to the Prayers. Their prayers are nothing more than knocking their heads against the ground. They finish up the Prayer hastily and then sit down to present their needs before God.

The kernel and the soul of the Prayer is supplication: presenting our needs before God. To present our needs before God after coming out of the Prayer (after finishing the Prayer) cannot help us achieve our aim. It is as if a man goes in the presence of a king and is given the opportunity of explaining his condition there with a view to asking for the fulfillment of his needs but he keeps silent. Whereas when he comes out of the Royal Presence he begins to present an application. Do you think that would do him any good? It would not. Well, that exactly is the case of those who do not humble themselves during the Prayers, nor do they pay full attention towards their Prayers.

Whatever you have to ask from God, you should ask Him during your Prayers, and remember, you should Pray keeping all the necessary considerations in mind. God has taught a prayer in the very beginning of the Holy Quran and has told us the etiquette of Prayer. It is essential to recite Suratul Fatiha during our Prayers and it is this very prayer which shows quite clearly that the real time for asking anything from God is when we are Praying.