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Sermon of Friday the 10th 1997

Translated by Dr. Hameed A. Mirza

This is a brief summary of the Sermon of Hazur (ABA) which was delivered on Friday, January 10th, 1997 from London Mosque. Please note that all errors or mistakes are my responsibility as I am writing as a summary to let every one know about this historic Sermon which to me is start of a new era in the history of Ahmadiyyat (Inshallah).

Hazur recited verses of the Holy Quran which are about the Ramadan (Sharo Ramadan allazi unzila feehil-Quran....) that this is the month in which Holy Quran was revealed to the Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). After a brief commentary Hazur (ABA) said that this year Ramadan has special significance and particularly for world wide Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya it is very special Ramadan. He also said that we should develop a relationship with Allah during this Ramadan where Allah Himself tell us that He listens to our prayers. "wa iza salaka ibadi, fa inni qureeb ujeeb dawat dua iza duane" Thus every Ahmadi should supplicate to Almighty Allah during the month of Ramadan and establish a relationship where Allah Himself speak with him/her and tell that He is listening their prayers.

After that Hazur (ABA) said that this Sermon is also important to us as it is falling on the 10th of the month. He said that some years ago I told the Jamaat that Allah has shown me a vision in which it was told that "Friday the 10th" will bring some unusual news of glad tidings for Jamaat. Since this is also the Friday which is falling just at the start of Ramadan so this is very significant and will Inshallah bring glad tidings for the Jamaat. Then he said that Nazir Sahib Islaho Irshad of Pakistan sent a message in which he has mentioned that situation in Pakistan regarding Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya is again deteriorating and Mullah's are now threatening the Government of Pakistan that if their demands with regard to the removal of an Ahmadi minister (i.e. Mr. Kanwar Idress) are not met then they will take steps which will make it impossible for Government to function. They also demanded to Ahmadies that they accept their brand of Islam or they will be expelled from Pakistan. Hazur (ABA) said that this is very ridiculous argument by anyone. In the history of mankind no example could be find where opponents would say that if you stop on believing things which we believe than we will embrace you and will accept you and if you don't do that than we will persecute you.

Hazur (ABA) than said that no matter what these Mullahs say or do they can not separate Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya from believing the oneness of Allah and that Holy Prophet Mohammad is "Khatam-un-Nabiyeen". In a very Jalali voice Hazur (ABA) said that do whatever you want and come with whatever force you have and bring whatever armies of opposition you can bring to destroy Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya. It will be impossible for you to remove the love of Allah and Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) from the heart of Ahmadies around the world.

Hazur (ABA) said that now time has come for the final battle of Ahmadiyyat in Pakistan. Hazur (ABA) at that point gave an elaborated history of Gen. Zia-ul-Haq and the challenge of Mubahilah which was given to him and how Allah destroyed Pharaoh of our time. Hazur (ABA) said that even not a single piece was spared from his body. For Pharaoh of Moses, Allah saved his body so that it remain a sign for mankind. But for this Pharaoh, i.e. Gen Zia-ul-Haq, his body was completely destroyed and only artificial teeth were found which together with the ashes of him and the Jewish ambassador were collected and sealed in the box. It was not even possible to distinguish the ashes of Zia and that Jewish ambassador. Even ashes were not pure and only those artificial teeth are widely known of Gen. Zia in the box which was burried. Hazur (ABA) said that he tried every effort to make Gen. Zia understand that he is wronging his own soul by indulging in the anti Ahmadiyya activities. He even said to him that if Gen. Zia simply keep quite and ignore the anti Ahmadiyya activities than Hazur (ABA) would think that he is not under the knife of Mubahila and Allah would spare him. But when he did not do so and continued in his atrocities against Jamaat then finally Allah showed Hazur (ABA) in a vision that the final verdict of Allah was issued about Gen. Zia. Hazur (ABA) in the Friday Sermon just few days before that fatal crash told very clearly that now nothing could save Gen Zia from the wrath of Allah. After that Friday Sermon, a week was not passed yet when Gen Zia was whipped out from the face of the earth.

Hazur (ABA) said that when he was coming to the Friday Prayer today than Private Sec. Sahib mentioned to him that the Challenge of Mubahila which Hazur (ABA) issued in 1988 was also delivered on the Friday the 10th. [I think it was on June 10th, 1988, Hameed].

Hazur (ABA) also said that during a recent Majlis-e-Irfan Iyaz Sahib of UK mentioned that Pandat Lekhram was killed in 1897 exactly 100 years ago and this year is significant with regards to the fulfilment of that prophecy of Hazrat Promised Messiah (AS). Hazur (ABA) than give a very elaborated account of that prophecy and how it was fulfilled. Hazur (ABA) also gave a detailed analysis of the events which took place at that time and the advertisement by Hazrat Promised Messiah (AS) about the prophecy of Musleh Maud and its response by pandat Lekhram in an advertisement.

Hazur (ABA) said that I did not have this subject in my mind when I was coming for today's Sermon and it was not a planned this way but these events were unfolding by itself such as Iyaz Sahib's mentioning of fulfilment of Sign of Pandat Lekhram 100 years ago, message from Pakistan, Friday to be coming on 10th of the month and mentioning of Private Sec. Sahib about the Mubahila challenge on Friday the 10th. So it seems that Taqdeer-e-Ilahy is leading it that way.

Hazur (ABA) than held in his hand the copy of the Mubahila which he issued in 1988 and repeated that I give this challenge again to all Molvies to come forward and accept it. He said they may not come to accept this as it is, but at least they should be bold enough and say that Allah's laanat on those who are liar (Laanat Allah Alal Kazebeen). He said that I have already responded to all allegations against Jamaat and if they still insist that they are right than simply invoke Laanat of Allah on liars and see how Allah than destroy them. Hazur (ABA) said that these Mullahs are bunch of liars. May their tongue be slipped and they also invoke Laanat of Allah on liars, while they are opening their mouth in utter lies against Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya.

At the end Hazur (ABA) said that I will also pray and I request all members of the Jamaat to pray that may Allah make this Ramadan a decisive Ramadan and may many Padat Lekhrams be destroyed by the sword of Allah and may Allah protect the country which can only be saved if these Mullahs are destroyed from Pakistan.

Hazur (ABA) also said that there is another significance that he always wished that as Promised Messiah (AS) defended the Name of Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) at his time so it is Hazur's (ABA) desire that Hazur (ABA) being a little servant of the Promised Messiah be able to take all arrows of opponents on his chest to protect the name of that Messiah (AS) who spent all his life to defend Islam and name of Holy Prophet (PBUH).