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Synopsis of Friday Sermon - September 12, 1997

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Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV (aba) delivered his Friday sermon in Fazl Masjid, London.

He began by reciting Surah Fatiha and then verses from the Holy Quran. Hazoor continued to explain the situation in the Gambia. He related many incidents that led to humiliation of Imam Fateh and the religious minister. In the previous sermon, Hazoor declared that Al-Imam Fateh had accepted the Mubahla. The fight is on between Allah and him along with his associates. Hazoor explained as the President had relinquished and openly submitted that do not have any dealings with these people, he would not say anything in regard to him.

Within one week, Allah disgraced them and showed the world their true colors. This is also the same with General Zia who was also destroyed within a week. In his case, Hazoor saw a vision that Zia was being mangled up by a huge grinder. The same situation has been created again. The President announced that Imam Fateh would not be allowed to say anything against the Ahmadi Muslims, and no radio/TV station was to air his words, and no newspaper was to print whatever he says.

Hazoor explained during his tour, he was extremely confused and restless with the problems in Gambia. He did not disclose it to anyone until he saw a dream from which he was satisfied that the convoy of Ahmadis are going to be safe. After this, Hazoor decided that the two of the doctors who left Gambia should be send back. Hazoor explained that when the convoy of Ahmadis left Gambia, many newspapers began writing and asking questions as to why have these people gone. They served our country with complete dedications and asked for nothing in return. Hazoor expressed that when the situation will change and Ahmadis will return, there will be a great celebration.

In the mean time, Hazoor was still very worried and concerned of the plight of the Ahmadis. He mentioned that Allah has given Hazoor the message "Is not Allah sufficient for his servant?" On receiving this, he was completely joyful and submissive to Allah that he instructed every Jamaat in the world to thank Allah.

May Allah keep us under his protection. Ameen.

(Transcribe under the responsibility of Alislam Service.)