How is the action of God manifested as a consequence of the action of human beings?

As we observe clearly that in our worldly life there is an inevitable result for every action of ours, and that result is the act of God Almighty, the same law operates in religious matters also. For instance, it is said: This means that in consequence of the full striving of a person in seeking God, the inevitable act of God is to guide him along the ways that lead to Him (29:70). As a contrast it is said: When they deviated from the right course and did not desire to tread along the straight path, the Divine action followed in that their hearts were made perverse (61:6). To illustrate this even more clearly it is said:

He who remains blind in this life win be blind in the hereafter also, and even more astray (17:73). This is an indication that the virtuous see God in this very life and they behold their True Beloved in this world.

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