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Attributes of Allah



In addition to the proper name Allah, Allah has many beautiful attributes, called the


in verse 55:25 of the Holy Quran. The opening chapter of the Holy Quran explains that the divine attributes branch out from four principle attributes as follows:

  • Lord of All the Worlds



    This means that God creates everything and then fosters everything and leads it gradually towards perfection.

  • The Gracious



    This means that without any effort on the part of His creatures, Allah provides everything that is necessary for their development and progress.

  • The Merciful



    This means that Allah is the Giver of the best and highest reward for those who do good voluntarily, and that reward continues indefinitely.

  • Master of the Day of Judgment



    This means that the ultimate judgment concerning everything rests with Allah alone.

The Holy Quran and ahadith refer to over one hundred attributes of Allah. Islam stresses the need to have firm belief in them and to act accordingly. The Holy Prophet of Islam (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) advises in one of his Ahadith: ``Follow the attributes of Allah.'' All these attributes may be roughly divided into three categories as follows:

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