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17th July 2011


Report: Germany Tour 2011

A brief report of some of the meetings held by Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V during his recent tour of Germany

On the 28th June 2011, Hazur-Aqdas met with the Lord Mayor of Berlin, Mr Klaus Wowereit.

The meeting with the Lord Mayor was held at the palatial City Hall building known as the Rotes Rathaus (The Red City Hall). During the meeting the history of Berlin, its ethnic diversity and religion were all discussed. The meeting was followed by a tour of the historic building.

Hazur-Aqdas was also asked to sign the guestbook.

24th JUNE 2011 – KARLSRUHE

In a meeting with MEP Michael Gahler and a senior clergy member, Father of the Protestant Church Affolderbach, on 24 June in Karlsruhe, Hadhrat Khalifa-tul Masih V(aba) spoke about the importance of religious freedom and integration. Hazur-Aqdas said:

“There should be no compulsion in religion. Jews should be able to practice their religion freely; Christians should be able to practice their religion freely and Muslims likewise. However where the interests of the country are at stake then all citizens should work together for the betterment of the nation. That in my view is true integration.”


During a meeting with various political figures and local police officials on 28th June in Berlin, Hazur-Aqdas said:

“Justice must always be followed, in all aspects. Wherever justice is practiced it will lead to success and to a positive society.”

During the meeting Hazur-Aqdas spoke about the true meaning of integration. He said:

“It is against Islamic teachings to disobey the law. The Holy Qur’an says that we must follow the law of the land and if you are unable to do so then you should migrate. To be integrated it is necessary to believe the country you live in is your own and you must desire for it to succeed. Your relationship should be with the country not just with individuals within it. This is true integration.”

Hazur-Aqdas continued:

“If a person works for the betterment of Germany, more so than those who have ancestry dating hundreds of years, then he is no less a German than any of them. Ahmadis are willing to integrate, they are adopting all of the good things that this country has to offer.

However on the other side the German nation should honour the culture and religion of its immigrants. Thus, for example, the headscarf should not be banned, indeed even some Christian women like wearing a headscarf. However wherever identity needs to be ascertained the law enforcement has a right to check.”

Hazur-Aqdas commented on local opposition to the building of the Khadija Mosque:

“My observation is that when I came to lay the foundation stone for this mosque there were a lot of protests and huge anti-mosque crowds. When I came for the opening there were a lot fewer and now I have come there are no protesters with the Grace of God.”


During a meeting with the Chair of the Parliamentary Human Rights Committee, the MNA Bucholz, Hazur-Aqdas said:

“We believe ourselves to be true Muslims. We believe in same Holy Prophet (pbuh) and in the same Book as all other Muslims. In 1974 a law was declared declaring us non-Muslims in Pakistan and today all sensible and decent Pakistanis would admit that the country has been deteriorating day by day since then. The day the government started to interfere with religion the country began to suffer.”

The MNA said that what he was worried about was that religious conflict in Pakistan could migrate to Germany. In response Hazur-Aqdas said:

“That is the message I have given to British politicians on many occasions, that if you are not careful then extremism from Pakistan will be exported to the West.”

29 JUNE 2011, BERLIN

Hazur-Aqdas also met with Peter Boehm, Ambassador of Canada to Germany at the Khadija Mosque. During the meeting Hazur-Aqdas spoke about his good relationship with members of the Canadian Government. He said:

“The Canadian government and its people have a very good relationship with us. Jason Kenney (Immigration Minister) is a good friend of mine and after last year’s attacks on May 28 he called me and offered his condolences.”

At the close of the meeting the Ambassador said:

“I am truly honoured to meet you, especially due to your commitment to peace.”

30 JUNE 2011, BERLIN

During a meeting with local political and human rights leaders on 30 June 2011, Hazur-Aqdas spoke about freedom of its expression and its limits. He said:

“No person should be allowed to mock or blaspheme against the founder of any religion or against any religion. That is the just way. The sentiments of others must always be valued. This is basic morality and should be the basis of any law. The West also believes in compassion in basic daily life so why should it not exist in religious matters.”

At the close of the meeting of the church officials, Father Krautel addressed Hazur-Aqdas and said:

“Dear father of Ahmadiyyat, we are very proud and honoured to meet you. We wish you all to be protected by Allah and so may God bless all Ahmadis.”


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