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Important References
Section I

Death of Hazrat Eesa (as) (Jesus Christ)

Quranic Verses

  • Sura Al-maa'idah (5), Verse 117/118.
  • Sura Aali-`imraan (3), Verse 55/56.
  • Sura Al-maa'idah (5), Verse 75/76.
  • Sura Aali-`imraan (3), Verse 144/145.
  • Sura Banee israa'eel (17), Verse 93/94.
  • Sura Al-a`raaf (7), Verse 25/26.
  • Sura Al-anbiyaa' (21), Verse 34/35.

Opinion of Muslim Scholars

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References on the Finality of Prophood

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