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by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
April 9th, 2004

(NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon)

Friendship with Allah

And who is better in faith than he who submits himself to Allah, and he is a doer of good, and follows the religion of Abraham, the upright? And Allah took Abraham for special friend. (4:126 )

O Prophet, say (to the believers) if you love Allah, then follow me. (3:31)

Huzuraba started his Khutba today by reminding us that it is indeed a blessing and a favor that Allah has bestowed on us that not only are we the followers of our beloved Prophet Mohammadsaw but we are also the followers of the one who truly loved himsaw, the Imam and Mahdi of our time. Today if we can learn the true teachings of Islam, it is only through the Imam Mahdias. If we can tread the path of purification of our souls, we must join the Jamaat of the Imam Mahdias. This is the Will of Allah, which was foretold to the Holy Prophetsaw 1400 years ago. It was also foretold that over time, the condition of the followers of Islam would decline and the Imam of the latter days will appear, who will restore the true teachings of Islam in the world again.

If we take a cursory look at the Islamic countries, we see that many customs and innovations (bidah) have crept into practice which have no roots whatsoever in Islamic teachings. This is so because they have not adhered to the teachings of the Holy Prophetsaw and have not joined the Jamaat Ahmadiyya.

It is undoubtedly a favor bestowed on you by God that you are a part of this blessed Jamaat. It is now your duty to be grateful to Allah and thank Him as much as you possibly can. The best way to thank Allah is that once you have joined the Jamaat, you bring about revolutionary changes in yourself. Your speech, your way of walking, your character, your entire being should reflect to the world that you belong to a chosen Jamaat of Allah. Your relationship with Allah should be so strong that you can easily be distinguished among others as men of God.

The verse recited above says: “And Allah took Abraham for special friend.” Hazrat Abrahamas was a beloved friend of God because he abhorred Shirk and submitted himself wholly to the Will of Allah. Allah says that whosoever submits his soul to Him, He becomes the friend of such people. He says that those who purely worship Him and follow the teachings that were given to the Holy Prophetsaw of Islam, only those people can attain the friendship of Allah.

Huzuraba reminded us that these Quranic words are not just fables or stories to read and entertain ourselves. In fact, in these verses are recounted events so that we can follow the examples of such Godly men and become role models through complete obedience to the Holy Prophetsaw.

Huzuraba said that if you want to gain nearness to Allah, then your soul should belong not to you but to Allah. You cannot become a dear one of Allah unless you follow the example of the Holy Prophetsaw’s life. Being obedient to the Holy Prophetsaw also mans that you become closely associated with the Jamaat. Then will Allah clearly make a distinction between good and evil. By showing gratitude to Allah, it becomes incumbent upon us to bring about a righteous transformation in ourselves and implement the true teachings of Islam in our lives.

The Promised Messiahas expected to see great changes in our condition after accepting Bai’at. He said: “The members of my Jama’at should not be pleased by the mere verbal expression of faith; they should act in complete accordance with their pledge of initiation. They should bring about a change from the core of their heart. God Almighty cannot be pleased with a person merely possessing the theoretical knowledge of various aspects of religion. If you do not bring about a practical change in your heart, then it will be correct to say that there is no difference between you and others (who have not joined the Jama’at).” Heas also said: “Your actions should be a witness to your verbal profession. Allah accepts only those who surrender their soul completely to Him. This is the absolute truth. Therefore, pray fervently during the solitude of the night, behind closed doors and plead humbly for the Mercy of God. Repent for your sins so that He may bestow His blessings. Whatever you do, keep your intentions pure so that you may reap His grand favors.” Heas further elaborates: “Only performing Baia’t is not sufficient. Allah is not content unless you truly understand the meaning of Bai’at and practice what it means. Then will you fulfill the Spirit of Bai’at. That can only be done if you inculcate Taqwa in your life. Read and contemplate upon the verses of the Holy Quran because that was the Sunnah of the Holy Prophetsaw.”

It is absolutely necessary to follow the commandments of Allah to gain His pleasure. We see that even a man is not satisfied with verbal promises; he is indeed satisfied with a practical demonstration of it. That is what differentiates a practicing and a non-practicing Muslim; that the latter merely rambles on and on, whereas the former actually demonstrates practically what he verbally claims.

When Allah sees that a person is trying and striving in His cause, He sends down His blessings to him and distinguishes him among others. The Promised Messiahas has said: “Worship Allah, offer Salat, ask for His mercy, follow His commandments. We find all these teachings in the Holy Quran. Study the Holy Quran and try your best to abide by its teachings. If you want to gain nearness to Allah, this is the only way to acquire it.”

Huzuraba quoted some Ahadith as follows:

Hazrat Uthman bin Affanra related that the Holy Prophetsaw has said: “The most superior among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur'an and teach it.” (Bukhari)

Another tradition of the Holy Prophetsaw states that a person who has not memorized even a single verse of the Holy Quran is like a desolate and barren house.

Hazrat Abdullahra narrates that the Holy Prophetsaw said: “Indeed the Holy Quran is an invitation from Allah. Take maximum benefit from it. Indeed the Holy Quran is the rope of Allah and in it is bountiful Mercy for you. It is a source of protection and security for those who hold on to it. It is salvation for one who follows it. Such a person who follows its teachings, shall never go astray.”

Reciting the Holy Quran holds great esteem in the eyes of Allah. Each letter of the Holy Quran contains in it plentiful rewards. The Ahadith reveal many blessings contained in the Holy Quran, but there is one condition you must follow in order to acquire these blessings: you must read it with complete devotion and dedication.

The Quran is such a spiritual gift from God that the more you read it, the more you advance in the spiritual realm. The Holy Quran contains protection against Satan. The Holy Quran contains the message of unity and brotherhood. The Holy Quran contains the lessons of safeguarding yourself against evil and of practicing goodness. The Holy Quran contains the pathway that leads to the nearness of Allah. Indeed, the recitation and study of the Holy Quran contains countless blessing in it.

The Promised Messiahas said: “Just like it is impossible to see without eyes, to hear without ears, to speak without a tongue, similarly, it is impossible to reach God without the Holy Quran.” Heas further says: “Do not abandon the Holy Quran because it is a source of life for you. Those who respect the Holy Quran, they will be among those who are respected in the Hereafter. There is no other Scripture on Earth except the Holy Quran and there is no other Prophet for the descendants of Adamas except the Holy Prophet Mohammadsaw. Strive to gain understanding of the teachings of the Holy Prophetsaw, so that God may forgive you your sins and count you among the blessed in the Heavens.

Remember, salvation is not attained after death, but true salvation is achieved during your lifetime. Salvation comes through your believe in Allah and His Prophetsaw.”

He also says: “Therefore, you should study this Holy Scripture with the utmost attention and deepest thought; and you should love it as you have never loved anything else. For, indeed, as God has conveyed to me, “All the good lies in the Quran.” All kinds of good are to be found in it -- and this is the truth.”

The Promised Messiahas repeatedly reminds us that the Holy Quran is the only means to salvation. Heas says: “It is indeed a great blessing of God that He has bestowed on you a book like this. Verily, I tell you truly that the book which has been bestowed upon you, had it been bestowed upon the Christians, they would not have perished; and the blessing and guidance which has been vouchsafed to you, had it been extended to the Jews, in place of the Torah, many of their sects would not have ended by denying the Day of Judgment. Realize, therefore, the value of this blessing bestowed on you. It is a precious blessing, and a great treasure.”

In the Holy Quran are found treasures that lead to salvation. The key to salvation is “dua”. Hold on to this treasure of dua and I assure you that Allah will protect you against all hardships.

In the end, Huzuraba congratulated the residents of Benin on the construction of the beautiful Mosque and summoned them to fill this Mosque with remembrance of Allah and dua. He reminded us again that we should always be ready to sacrifice everything that belongs to us in the way of Allah and not turn away when such a time of great sacrifice approaches us.

Huzuraba said that we should hold on to the friendship of Allah. We should make the teachings of the Holy Prophetsaw the beacon of light in our lives. We should practice these teachings and love them. May Allah give us the ability to be role models of Islam, Ameen. Huzuraba prayed for the people of Benin and prayed to Allah to provide many occasions in the future to return and meet with the residents of this country.