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by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
January 9th, 2004

Waqf e Jadid, Ten Years of MTA, Prayers for Bangladesh Jama'at

Today’s Friday Sermon by Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V covered a few current issues.

Huzur commenced by announcing the new Waqf e Jadid year which started from 1st Jan 2004 and with reference illustrated the concept of spending in the way of Allah expounding the matter as always with Holy Quran, ahadith and various writings.

Huzur recited verse 93 of Surah Al Imran (3:93) at the outset; it affirms that true righteousness cannot be attained unless one spends in the way of Allah. Huzur said that the Holy Prophet enjoined that Allah the Exalted proclaims to mankind to have their riches deposited with Him and then be content for no calamity should ever touch them. These riches will be then be returned on the day when their need shall be most desperate. The Holy Prophet said that when one gives a single piece of date in the way of Allah with sincerity, it is accepted by Allah with the right hand and [its blessings are] increased to the extent of reaching the proportion of a mountain, he enjoined to only look up to that person who is given wealth by Allah and who spends it in the right cause and also to one who is granted sagacity by Allah and who employs it to help and educate people.

Huzur further elaborated the subject by citing the most excellent inspirational instance of Hadhrat Abu Bakr in spending in the way of Allah. From the current era he cited some noble and selfless examples of the companions of the Promised Messiah . Huzur read some excerpts from the eloquent and spiritually compelling writings of the Promised Messiah expounding the virtue of spending in the way of Allah, including one of the revelations he had received. It reads: ‘Spend in the way of Allah if you are a Muslim’.

Next Huzur gave facts and figures regarding Waqf e Jadid year that ended on 31st December 2003. Huzur said in the year 2003 a total of £1,880,000 was collected worldwide by the scheme. The leading contribution among countries was from the USA Jama’at who also led in largest donation per capita and also had the distinction of increasing their contribution by 70% from last year. The contributions from Pakistan and Britain were second and third respectively.

Next Huzur announced the completion of the first ten years of MTA transmission. Huzur commended and applauded the work force of MTA who work on a completely voluntary basis and have carried out a most phenomenal job for ten years now. Huzur praised each worker of MTA and said that worldly people could never understand the zeal and ceaseless motivation with which MTA operates because this incentive is drawn from honouring the pledge of ‘sacrificing life, property and time’ by all workers of MTA. Huzur urged African and Asian Jama’ats to participate in making quality programmes for MTA. Huzur said the work of MTA shall ever develop and progress for it is carried out by the Divine Will, that it was started in the era of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IV (rahma’ullah) who had said that he had the support of the Lord with him.

Then Huzur informed the Community of the sad and negative situation the Bangladesh Jama’at currently faces. Huzur spoke of the anxious circumstances whereby the clergy of the country seems to be collaborating with the government to legislate against the Ahmadis. Huzur sent a message of courage and steadfastness to the Bangladesh Ahmadis and told them to engage in sincere prayers. He said the Being of Allah the Exalted is our only support. Huzur communicated to the government of Bangladesh not to interfere in matters of faith and religion and to be mindful of Allah’s wrath.