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Features of the new Online Holy Quran System

26th December, 2010

  • The Unicode Arabic text is used for search purpose only. For the display now we use images of the verses. This is done to make it compatible with all browsers and platforms where Quranic fonts do not work.

Added 18th February, 2009

  • Quranic script in Arabic is now available in two styles: (1) South Asian (Indo-Pak) and (2) Arab Uthmanic script. Both scripts display properly in Internet Explorer only at this time.

Added 6th February, 2009

  • Urdu Keyboard now appears by default and can be used by mouse clicks to type Urdu text for search.

Added 11th January, 2009

  • Tilwat (Recitation) by Qari Muhammad Ashiq sahib is now added. You can listen to all verses on a page when you are browsing the Quran or listen to just one verse by clicking on the speaker icon.

Added 29th December, 2008

  • Urdu Quran Search is now available. You can search for your required word in the Urdu translation text. Please click here to see a demo. You can type your required Urdu word using popular phonetic style on your same keyboard (no software or plugin installation is required). Please see the demo for help.
  • Arabic Quran Search is also available and replaces the old search engine which did not bring correct result. Please click here to see a demo. You can use the on screen keyboard and click using mouse to type Arabic or if you are on Arabic Windows or have Arabic Keyboard installed you can type it by default.
  • Arabic text of the Holy Quran has been updated with important symbols e.g. ruku, sajdah. Also many missing harkat have been added. Best viewed using Internet Explorer.
  • Search Results: When you select English search, by default only English translation will show up. Similarly for Urdu search, the search engine will show Urdu translation only. You can still enable/disable the other translation.

Added 21st December, 2008

  • For the first time complete Urdu text of translation by Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih IV (rh) in Unicode has been published. You can copy/paste the text in email or word documents as long as your computer supports Unicode (all latest computers and software do).
  • 3 tabs are shown on the home page for Surah listing in English, Arabic, Urdu. Once you select one it will remember your choice for one year as long as you use same browser and computer. So when you can come back to the first page, it will show you same listing. You can select another listing anytime and it will save your new choice.
  • While browsing the Holy Quran text, you can enable or disable English or Urdu translation by clicking on the checkbox on the top of the page for English or Urdu, which will instantly enable or disable the selected translation. Your choice will be saved for one year.

Added 11th December, 2008

  • Arabic text with English translation in text. Both can be copy/pasted in email and word and other documents.

  • The text of English translation by Maulvi Sher Ali (ra) has italics in it for explanatory words just like it appears in print.