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A‘rab: Bedouins
Aaron: Harun(as)
cleared of Biblical condemnation
commissioned to Pharaoh
family of
favours of God on
given discrimination
prayer of Moses for
Prophethood of
reprimanded by Moses
sent with Allah’s signs and authority
subordinate of Moses
word sent to also
Jews smitten with
of calf worshippers
of opponents of Allah and His Messengers
of Satan
‘Ain Sin Qaf
Alif Lam Mim Ra
Alif Lam Mim Sad
Alif Lam Mim
Alif Lam Ra
Ha Mim
Kaf Ha Ya ‘Ain Sad
Muqatta‘at, meaning of
Ta Ha
Ta Sin Mim
Ta Sin
Ya Sin
as attributes of God
numerical value of
Abide: Baqa
Allah will forever
in Hell for killing a believer
in punishment
in Heaven
in Hell, in fire, Ma’wa, Mathwa
on earth
Abomination: indecency, wickedness, Khaba’ith, Rijs
birth control
unjustified killing
Abrahah: destruction of
Abraham: Ibrahim(as)
’s posterity would rise and fall four times
an elect and a man of power and vision
argues with his people
Azar, father of
bears witness to truth of Holy Prophet(sa)
bestowed Isaac, Jacob
bestowed Ishmael
breaks idols
challenges Nimrod to bring sun from West
coming of Allah’s Messengers to
commanded to proclaim Pilgrimage
contempt of for Satan, idols
cooling of fire for
deliverance of
dissociates from enemies of Allah
dreams of sacrificing Ishmael
enjoined to clean and purify the House
enjoins his progeny complete submission
ever inclined to Allah, Hanif
exaltation of the progeny of
falsity of gods and beliefs of people of
firm believer in Divine Unity
friend of Allah
fulfilled Divine commandments
given glad tidings of birth of Isaac, Jacob
given glad tidings of birth of Ishmael
good name of
guided by and chosen of Allah
hospitality of
made an Imam
Messengers, guests come to
neither a Jew nor a Christian
pleads for Lot’s people
prayed for his father’s forgiveness
prayers for a son accepted
prays for himself & his progeny
prays for Messenger among them
prays for security, prosperity of Mecca
progeny bestowed with Book, wisdom, kingdom
Prophethood among descendants of
rebuilds Ka‘bah with Ishmael
rejects heavenly bodies as gods
religion of
scripture of
settles Ishmael, Hager near the Sacred House
shamed and rebuked his people
shown how God restores dead to life
shown Kingdom of Heaven & earth
submitted to the Lord of the worlds
tender-hearted and forbearing
tried by his Lord
truthful man and a Prophet
was of Noah’s party
Abrogation: Naskh
message is only by Divine command
of scriptures
Abu ‘Amir:
Abu Bakr(ra): spiritual eminence of
Abu Jahl: punishment of
Abu Lahab: ‘Abdul-‘Uzza
Abyssinia: Najashi moved to tears
Accountability: Hisab
Allah calls Messengers to account
Allah swift in
See Attributes: Sari‘ul-Hisab
everyone responsible for his own actions
See also Actions, 2:140, 4:86, 6:53, 6:70, 10:42, 13:19, 13:41, 23:118, 42:16, 64:5-8, 69:21
Actions: A‘mal
Allah aware of your
appear beautiful
are a trial
each responsible for his own
evil forbidden
evil requited in equal measure
fully recorded
good rewarded manifold
in vain who reject faith
prayers restrain one from evil
punishment for evil
results only if one strives
Adam: Adam(as)
Iblis refused to submit to
Jannah of
abode on earth
Allah turned to him with mercy
angels submit to
beguiled by Satan
chosen above all peoples
commanded to dwell in the garden but not approach the tree
commanded to follow guidance
created to manifest Allah’s attributes
creation of
lapse only an error of judgment
promise of new social order
sons of
See Abel
taught prayer, names
vicegerent on earth, Khalifah, 1st Prophet
wife of
See also Consultation
Adoption: Ad‘iya’
Adoration: Sabbih, Praise, Exalt, Pray, Glorify
Adornment: Zinah
See also Garment, Raiment
of heavens
sent down raiment for your
Adultery: Indecency, Zina
evidence of
guarding against
prayer restrains one from
punishment for
Affliction: Bala’
Afterlife: Akhirah
believers faith in
believers reward in
believers who strive for, rewarded
certainty of
comparison of present life with
eternal nature of
every deed will be judged in
greetings of peace in
human knowledge cannot comprehend
Jesus honoured in
judgment given on that day
no soul shall be wronged in
no soul will avail of another in
one’s deeds will be brought out in
prayer for
punishment for Kuffar in
resurrection in
rewards of righteous shall not perish in
spiritually blind will not benefit in
those who reject have no real knowledge
Age of Ignorance:
See Jahiliyyah
Agreements: ‘Ahd
See also Covenant, Oath, Bai‘at
may be repudiated
Abraham settled his progeny in a barren land
Allah sends down water for
Divine nourishment for spiritual growth
harvest of the Hereafter
idolatrous custom of dividing crops
Joseph’s dream
man’s life depends on
parable of proud, vain nations
people have tilled the soil since ages
provides provisions of present life
Ahad: & Wahid: difference between
Ahlul-Bait: people of the household
See People of the Book
Ahmad: the Promised Messiah(as)
as Khalifah
Jesus foretold advent
likened to the moon
Ahqaf: Sand-hills
See Wind
See Afterlife
Al-‘Arim: dam of
Al-Yasa‘: Elisha
See Intoxicants, Wine
Alimony: Nafaqah
Hududullah, limits set by
all good from, evil from thyself
alone creates life, causes death
alone has knowledge of past & present
alone knows the unseen
alone worthy of sincere obedience
answering of prayer by
assembler of mankind
associating partners with
See Shirk
attributes of, Asma’ul-Husna
1:1, 1:7, 2:256, 7:181, 17:111, 20:9, 37:160-161, 59:23-25, 112:2-5, See also Attributes of Allah
bargaining with
bartered signs of
be, and it comes into being, Kun fa yakun
bestower of Divine help
breaks not His promise
burdens not any soul beyond its capacity
call upon in fear and hope
calls to abode of peace
can bring a new creation, Khalqan Jadid
cannot be questioned about His actions
causes afflictions & bestows grace
chooses His Messengers
chose above all peoples
closer than ones jugular vein, is near
covenant of
created all from water
created Heaven and earth with wisdom
created you in a state of weakness
dead are never sent back
desires ease for you
despair not of mercy of
disbelievers will not find help other than
does not compel in matters of faith
does not love mischief-mongers
does not need slumber or sleep
does not withdraw favours unless...
dominion extends over everything
encompasses the disbelievers
enjoins good, forbids evil
enjoins prayer, Zakat, charity...
enjoins straight-forward word, Qaul-e-Sadid
every soul shall taste death
everything submits to
exalts whomsoever He pleases, Rafa‘
expands one’s bosom to accept guidance
eyes cannot reach Him
favour on Israelites
favour on Muslims
favours of are countless
favours those who are grateful
fear of punishment by
follow nature made by
forbids unlawful slaying
forgives whom He wills…
Friend of believers
gives life to dead
See Adoration
gracious to mankind
guardian of the Holy Qur’an
hand of
has made them apes, swine, beasts
has permitted trade, forbidden interest
has the power to do all that He wills
He is not begotten
See Allah: has no progeny, wife
He, His Messengers will prevail
hearts tremble when name of mentioned
helps the believers
hold fast to for guidance
Holy, Exalted, far above other gods
if so willed, Lau sha’allah
if you love, follow the Holy Prophet(sa)
intercessors, gods, besides have no power
is All-aware, Knower
is Compassionate
is light of heavens, earth
is not forgetful
is not unjust to His servants
is well-pleased with them…Radiyallah
knowledge encompasses everything
knowledge of the hour, Sa‘ah
knows what you hide or disclose
loves those who...
made for you mates
Maker, Originator of heavens and earth
manifests Himself through attributes
manifold rewards for spending in the way of
meeting with, Liqa’
mercy of for those who repent and believe
mercy transcends His wrath
Messengers of are mocked
mindful of their motives
most honoured in sight of
never destroys a township without a warner
never enjoins indecencies
never find change in ’s ways
no god but He, La ilaha illallah
none can change word of
none like Him
none to be worshipped except
not sent thee as a keeper, guardian, over them
not wearied by the care of Heavens and earth
obey and His Messenger
perfection in ’s creation
prayer seeking Divine mercy
prayer, sacrifice, life & death only for
present everywhere
promised forgiveness, reward
promises Khilafah
protects thee
prove loyalty to
punishes those who wrong themselves
punishes wrong-doers, disbelievers
purifies whom He pleases
raises all from graves
reference to as 'We' or 'Me'
regulates all affairs
respond to, and His Messenger
revelation through chosen Messengers
rewards according to actions
rewards those who forgive
seek for a judge
seeking forgiveness of
seeking nearness to
seeking refuge with, A‘udhu-billah
sends angels to reassure steadfast
sends down angels to punish
sends tranquility
sets a seal on their hearts, Khatama, Taba‘a
takes as friends...
takes away the souls of men
testimony in favour of Holy Prophet(sa)
those who hide message
those who oppose, His Messengers...
those who seek to extinguish light
those who strive to meet
to we belong, our return, Innalillah…
travel in the earth..., Siru fil-ard
tries you with wealth and your children
true religion with is Islam
unity of
who forges lie against, Iftara’
words of are inexhaustible
See Oaths, Pledge
See Parable of
Alms: Sadaqah
are a means of cleansing wealth, repentance
both men and women exhorted to give
collection & distribution of
enjoined Zakat on Jesus
for the Holy Prophet(sa)
give with kind word
give your to poor, needy
Satan dissuades you from spending
spend secretly and openly
successful are believers who pay
wealth paid back in full, multiplied
Alwah: tablets
Ambiguous: Mutashabih
Amthal: proverbs
See Parable of
Angels: Mala’ikah
Harut and Marut
Allah chooses Messengers from
are a link in the spiritual chain
as a sign
bear witness
belief in
came to Zachariah(as), Mary
deny being worshipped
descend on steadfast
disobey not Allah
duties of
exalted assembly
Gabriel and Michael
harbinger of Divine punishments
help the believers
ignorance of
Joseph mistaken as an
made Ashabun-Nar
Meccans demanded as a sign
not daughters of Allah
of Death: Malakul-Maut
of Hell
pray for the Holy Prophet(sa)
Recording, Guardian
take away the souls of men, Tawaffa
Anger: Ghadab
Allah’s wrath
man’s anger, rage, Ghaiz
Animals: Dabbah, An‘am
Allah cares for
beneficial for man
created in pairs
kinds of
Annoying the Holy Prophet(sa):
Ansar: helpers
Anthropo-morphism: Tajsim, hand of God
Antichrist: Dajjal
Ape: Qiradah
Apostate: Murtad
no compulsion in religion
punishment for an
will in no way harm Allah, Islam
before the Holy Prophet(sa)
customs and practices
denied beneficence of Allah
idols of
by the Book
for the Jews
rests with Allah alone
Argue: in the best way
Arguments for: Burhan
death of all Prophets
Holy Prophet(sa) free from shortcomings
Holy Qur’an
of Allah’s existence
Ark: Noah’s
Ark of Covenant:
Allah loves not
punished for their
Arrows: divination by
Artery: life-vein
Asbat: tribes
See Isra’, Mi‘raj, Muhammad(as), Jesus
See Monasticism
See People of the Wood
See Owners of the Elephant
See Inmates of hell
See Inmates of Heaven
See Companions of the Cave
Ashabul-Mash’-amah: of left hand
Ashabul-Qaryah: people of the town
Ashabul-Qubur: people of the graves
See Fellows of the trench
Ashabul-Yamin: of right hand
See Wardens of the fire, Inmates of fire
See People of the well
See also Inmates of fire
Ashabus-Sabt: people of Sabbath
Ashabush-Shimal: those on the left hand
Ashhurul-Hurum: forbidden Months
Ashudda: Balughah, maturity,
Asiyah: example of
Ass: Hamir
See Allah: existence of
Atlantic Ocean:
See Sea
Atom: Dharrah, atomic blast
by expiation, Fidyah
refutation of the doctrine of
Attributes of Allah:
‘Alimul-ghaibi washshahadah (Knower of Unseen and Seen)
Ahkamul- Hakimin (Most Just of judges)
Ahsanul-Khaliqin (Best of Creators)
Al-‘Afw (The Effacer of sins)
Al-‘Aliyy (The High)
Al-‘Azim (The Great)
Al-Ahad (The One, Unique)
Al-Akhir (The Last)
Al-Akram (Most Generous, Bounteous)
Al-Awwal (The First)
Al-Ba‘ith (The Resurrector)
Al-Badi‘ (The Originator)
Al-Baqi (Most Abiding, Everlasting)
Al-Bari (The Maker)
Al-Barr (The Beneficent, Benign)
Al-Basir (All-Seeing)
Al-Basit (Enlarger of provisions)
Al-Batin (The Hidden)
Al-Faliq (The Breaker, Cleaver)
Al-Fattah (Best Judge)
Al-Ghaffar (Great Forgiver)
Al-Ghani (Self-sufficient)
Al-Hadi (The Guide)
Al-Hafiz (The Guardian)
Al-Hakam (The Judge)
Al-Halim (Forbearing)
Al-Hamid (Praiseworthy)
Al-Haqq (The truth, True Lord)
Al-Haqqul-Mubin (The Manifest Truth)
Al-Hasib (The Reckoner)
Al-Hayy (The Ever-Living)
Al-Jabbar (The Subduer, Compeller)
Al-Jami‘ (Gatherer of Mankind)
Al-Kabir (the Great)
Al-Kafi (The Sufficient)
Al-Karim (Noble, Gracious)
Al-Khaliq (The Creator)
Al-Latif (Benignant, Knower of all hidden secrets, subtleties)
Al-Mahid (Spreader)
Al-Majid (Lord of Honour)
Al-Malik (The Sovereign)
Al-Malikul-Haqq (The True King)
Al-Matin (The Firm)
Al-Mu‘id (The Reproducer)
Al-Mu‘izz (Bestower of Honour)
Al-Mu’akhkhir (The Deferrer)
Al-Mu’min (Bestower of Security)
Al-Mubdi (The Beginner, Originator)
Al-Mudhill (Abaser)
Al-Muhaimin (The Protector)
Al-Muhsi (The Counter, Recorder)
Al-Muhyi (Life-giver)
Al-Mujib (Answerer of Prayers)
Al-Mumit (Causes death)
Al-Mun‘im (Bestower of Favours)
Al-Muntaqim (The Avenger)
Al-Muqit (Nourisher, Powerful)
Al-Muqtadir (The Omnipotent)
Al-Musawwir (The Fashioner)
Al-Musta‘an (Whose help is sought)
Al-Muta‘al (Most High)
Al-Mutakabbir (The Exalted)
Al-Qabid (The Withholder)
Al-Qadir (All-Powerful)
Al-Qadir (Omnipotent, Determiner)
Al-Qahhar (Most Supreme)
Al-Qarib (Nearest One)
Al-Qawiyy (The Powerful)
Al-Qayyum (Self-subsisting, All-Sustaining)
Al-Quddus (The Holy One)
Al-Wadud (The Loving)
Al-Wahhab (The Bestower)
Al-Wahid (The One)
Al-Wakil (Disposer of Affairs, Guardian, Trustee)
Al-Waliyy (The Friend, Protector)
Al-Warith (The Inheritor)
Al-Wasi‘ (The Bountiful)
An-Nasir (Helper)
An-Nur (The Light)
Ar-Ra’uf (The Compassionate)
Ar-Rabb (The Lord)
Ar-Rafi‘ (The Exalter)
Ar-Rahman (The Gracious, Beneficent)
Ar-Raqib (The Watchful)
Ar-Rashid (Director to the right way)
Ar-Razzaq (Sustainer, Provider)
Arhamur-Rahimin (Most Merciful of those who show mercy)
As-Sadiq (The Truthful)
As-Salam (Source of Peace)
As-Samad (The Independent, Besought of all)
As-Sami‘ (The All-Hearing)
Ash-Shafi (The Healer)
Ash-Shafi‘ (The Intercessor)
Ash-Shahid (The Witness)
Ash-Shakur (The Appreciating)
Asra‘ul-Hasibin (Swiftest of reckoners)
At-Tawwab (The Acceptor of Repentance)
Az-Zahir (The Manifest)
Dhit-Taul (Lord of Bounty)
Dhul-‘Arsh (Lord of the Throne)
Dhul-Fadl (Lord of bounty)
Dhul-Jalali wal-Ikram (Master of Glory, Honour)
Dhul-Ma‘arij (Lord of great ascents)
Dhul-Matin (Lord of strength)
Dhuntiqam (Lord of Retribution)
Dhur-Rahmah (Lord of Mercy)
Fa‘-‘al (The Doer)
Fatirus-Samawati wal-Ard (The Maker of …)
Ghafirudh-dhanb (The Forgiver of Sin)
Khairul-Fasilin (The Best of Judges)
Khairul-Fatihin (Best of those who decide)
Khairul-Ghafirin (Best of those who Forgive)
Khairul-Hakimin (Most Just, Best of Judges)
Khairul-Makirin (Best of Planners)
Khairul-Munzilin (Best of those who bring people to shore)
Khairul-Warithin (Bestof inheritors)
Khairun-Nasirin (Best of helpers)
Khairur-Rahimin (Best of those who show mercy)
Khairur-Raziqin (Best of Sustainers)
Maliku Yaumid-Din (Master of the Day of Judgement)
Malikul-Mulk (Lord of Sovereignty)
Malikun-Nas (King of Mankind)
Ni‘mal-Maula (Excellent Master, Protector)
Qabilut-Taub Acceptor of Repentance
Rabbul-‘Alamin (Lord of all the worlds)
Rabbul-‘Arsh (Lord of the Throne)
Rabbul-‘Arshil-‘Azim (Lord of the Mighty Throne)
Rabbul-‘Arshil-Karim (Lord of the Glorious Throne)
Rabbul-Falaq (Lord of the dawn)
Rabbul-Mashariq (Lord of all Light)
Rabbun-Nas (Lord of mankind)
Rabbus-Samawate wal-Ard (Lord of Heavens & earth)
Rabbush-Shi‘ra (Lord of Sirius)
Sari‘ul-‘Iqab (Quick in Retribution)
Sari‘ul-Hisab (Quick to Reckon)
Shadidul-‘Adhab (Severe in Punishment)
Shadidul-‘Iqab (Severe in Punishment)
Shadidul-Mihal (Severe in Punishment)
Tabarakallah (Blessed)
taught to Adam
Wasi‘ul-Maghfirah (Most Liberal in forgiveness)
Ayah: verses
See also Signs
Ayyam: periods
Ayyub(as): Job