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Learning Salät: Niyyah (4)

Declaration of intention to engage in Prayer. Recited before a set of Prayers.


innï wajjahtu wajhiya lilladhï fatarassamäwäti wal-arda hanïfa(n)wwamä anä minal-mushrikïn.
I have turned my full attention towards Him, Who has created the heavens and the earth, being ever inclined (towards Him), and I am not among those who associate partners with Allah.




Salat Guide

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01. Definitions
02. Adhän
03. Iqämah
04. Niyyah
05. Qiyäm
06. Rukü

07. Sajdah
08. Qa'dah
09. Taslïm
10. Post-Prayer Dhikr
11. Du'ä Qunüt



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The text to be recited in the Prayer and its transliteration are given in red.
Translation follows in blue.

Instructions and explanations are in black.


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