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Learning Salät: Rukü (6)

Bending forward with hands on knees.


From upright position, bend forward with your hands on knees while proclaiming:

Allähu akbar.
Allah is the Greatest.

And repeat odd number of times (three or above) in this posture:

subbäna rabbiyal-‘azïm
Holy is my Lord, the Most Great.

Then, stand upright with arms hanging down while reciting:

sami‘allähu liman hamidah.
Allah hears him, who praises Him.

Recite while standing upright with arms hanging freely:

rabbnä wa lakal-hamd
O our Lord, and Thine is the Praise.

hamdan kathïran tayyiban mubarakan fïh.
The Praise which is plenty, pure and blessed.

Go to sajdah proclaiming:

llähu akbar.
Allah is the Greatest.




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