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Questions about Destiny, Life Insurance, Purdah, Cinema, Contraception, Persecution of Messiah

Faith Matters #32

Tags: Faith Matters   Destiny   Life Insurance   Purdah   Cinema   Contraception   Persecution   

Q1 @ 02:00 What is Islamic doctrine of Destiny? Is it pre-determined?

Q2 @ 10:30 What is the viewpoint of Ahmadiyya Muslim on Life Insurance?

Q3 @ 17:40 Can you explain the exact Quranic instructions on Purdah (Hijab, Niqab, Veil)? Why the issue has come up now as this teaching is practiced by all religions? Is there a problem with identification?

Q4 @ 41:05 Are Muslims allowed to go to Cinema?

Q5 @ 45:00 Is the use of contraception allowed in Islam?

Q6 @ 48:30 Where is the prophecy in the Holy Quran that Promised Messiah will be persecuted by Muslim Scholars?